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'Top Model' finale ends in disqualification, controversy

Nikos Papadopoulos / Pottle Productions Inc / THE CW / Today
Angelea Preston was disqualified from the all-star finals on "America's Next Top Model.

Reality TV competitions often promise a shocking finale, but then offer up the usual filler-filled send off before crowning a winner. Not so with "America's Next Top Model." Wednesday night saw the end of the show's all-star cycle, and it was a true jaw-dropper.

That's because before Tyra Banks and co. named Lisa D'Amato the top of the "Top" bunch, one of the last three ladies standing was suddenly disqualified from the competition in an odd edit.

"We're back in Los Angeles on the 'Top Model' set and we're here for a special finale that's being conducted under unusual circumstances," Banks warned viewers.

Further on-screen explanation revealed that the circumstances involved producers learning undisclosed "information" about finalist Angelea Preston that necessitated giving her the boot and reshooting the final scenes of the show.

So what actually happened? There's still no official word, but there's plenty of speculation.

One theory, currently making the rounds on People.com and Gawker, is that Preston was originally declared the winner, but later spilled the beans in a now-deleted Facebook post, thereby breaking the show's rules. Thus the need for a do-over.

In a post-show tweet, Preston remained mum on the controversy. Instead, she celebrated her new, buzzed-about status.

"OMG!!!! IM TRENDING WORLDWIDE on twitter right now!!!!!!!!!! Wowwwww!! That's the whole world!! Lol! #humbled!! Thanks y'all!!! #LOVE"

Wow, indeed.

What do think of the last-minute disqualification? Did the season end in shenanigans, or are you happy with the results? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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