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Release date and director announced for 'Top Gun' sequel

It's going to take your breath away.
/ Source: TODAY

This just in: We've only got two more years to wait for the "Top Gun" sequel that Tom Cruise announced in May!

We know, we know. Two years? But guys, we have a feeling this one will be worth the wait.

It might even take your breath away.

On Friday, producer Jerry Bruckheimer dropped some intel on the film, including its scheduled release date.

The film, titled "Top Gun: Maverick," is set to come out on July 12, 2019. So ... block out your calendars (if you buy them two years in advance, that is). Postpone your weddings. You should really reschedule your birthdays, if possible.

This is important.

The film will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, who previously worked with Cruise on the 2013 flick "Oblivion." We hope he can take the franchise to new heights. (The director of the original "Top Gun" film, Tony Scott, died in 2012.)

Cruise, of course, will reprise his role as Maverick, a wild naval aviator whose lessons on life and love anchor the film. At the end of the original "Top Gun," Maverick returns to his flight school as an instructor. We'll likely get to see if he learned from his (mis)adventures ... and perhaps meet a new generation of ruffians.

We're not sure who else from the original cast will be returning, though Val Kilmer, who played Iceman, did announce in 2015 that he had "jumped the topgun" after revealing he was offered a role without even reading the script.

We feel the need ... to watch this movie right now! (Or in two years. Whatever.)