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Top Five Times James Franco Went Gay!

We've said it before but we'll say it a million times: we totally heart James Franco.
/ Source: E!online

We've said it before but we'll say it a million times: we totally heart James Franco.

Not only does the cuckoo crazy actor pick any friggin' project he wants (like bouncing between soap opera stints, indie flicks, and big budget monkey movies), but he's definitely not afraid to go gay--again and again and...


James recently chatted with Jewish Journal about his latest flick (The Broken Tower) which has him starring as--wait for it--tortured, gay artist Hart Crane. The flick doesn't hit film circuits until Monday, but apparently there are some tres explicit man-on-man sex scenes.

Love it! So to celebrate James's latest homo-licious performance (and the end of our pride week), we decided to look back on our top five fave times that Franco went fabulously gay:

1. Howlin' for Gay Marriage!

Does the whole tortured, dude-loving poet thing sound familiar? It's 'cause James has done it before when he played beat poet Allen Ginsberg opposite Jon Hamm in the flick Howl. And even better, while doing promo for the movie, J.F. also happily chatted about his support of gay rights --love it!

2. Milking Man-on-Man Smooches!

While not his first time playing gay, James' big splash came when he played Harvey Milk's longtime partner in the Sean Penn biopic. While S.P. took home an Oscar for the performance, James won an Indie Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male and was nommed for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. Of course that last honor went to Robsten.

3. Drag Queen Duets!

Who says the music biz is a drag? James decided that since he's nearly done everything else in the industry it was time to put out some tunes and so he turned to his frequent collab pal and fab drag queen, Kalup Linzy. The tunes on Turn It Up are described as "experimental"--but would you expect anything else?

4. Dude Looks Like a Lady!

And James must have picked up a couple pointers from Kalup, 'cause he looked nothing short of drag-tastic when he hit the cover of Candy magazine dressed as a lady. Franco's donned some wonderful wigs since then and even hit the stage with Anne Hathaway in gender-swapped suit and slip when they hosted the Oscars.

5. Coming Out--but Not Really!

"Maybe I'm just gay," the star told Entertainment Weekly when questioned about the fact that he frequently plays gay on the big screen. While we're almost positive the dude was joking, we love how comfortable he is with his sexuality. He has, after all, promised to fess up if he does ever end up dating dudes.

Here's to another five fabulous gay outings, James!

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