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Top Chef's Marcel: Still Not an A-Hole, Totally Over the Show!

We've already told you that Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron is not--we repeat--not an asshole.
/ Source: E!online

We've already told you that Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron is not--we repeat--not an asshole.

We just caught up with the L.A.-based chef who was booted on last night's restaurant wars episode of All-Stars to chat about his elimination, his "totally two-faced" teammates and who he thinks should have gone home instead of him.

And boy, is Vigneron seriously over the show...

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During the elimination, you got into it with some of your teammates. Do you think they sort of threw you under the bus in front of the judges?Totally! There was sabotage all over the place. Yeah, for sure. I definitely think so.

But are you really as much of a bad guy as you're portrayed on the show?[Laughs] No, I'm actually not. According to my friends and myself, I'm actually like a pretty nice guy... [But] when I'm communicating with the other contestants, I'll actually tell them how I feel. I'm kind of that person that wears my heart on my sleeve... I'll actually kind of like let you know exactly how I'm feeling, where I think a lot of the other contestants, Dale, Mike Isabella, they act like children. I remember when I was in high school and everybody was two-faced and smiling to your face and then talking trash about you behind your back. That's the way a lot of the other contestants kind of like treated me.

So when you watched the show, you saw other contestants making two-faced moves?Yeah, totally. Like for example, I asked Dale why he decided to go up against me and he gave me a completely different reason than why he gave the camera. It's just funny to me that a lot of those other contestants, they're totally two-faced and it's kind of childish in my opinion.

Who do you think should have gone home instead of you?I think that it wasn't Tiffany's best performance... I feel like she didn't really do a good job in the kitchen and then she didn't really do a good job with her dish. But at the same time, it's not my decision to make, it was the judges'.

Who do you predict will win the competition?I'm going to go with Carla. [Why?] Her food is delicious!

And you have your own show, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, coming up, right?I'm really excited about it because it's going to give me the opportunity to show the public the real Marcel. A whole other side of me that you never actually ever get to see because it's usually kind of cut out.

Would you ever do Top Chef again?No, I wouldn't. I don't really need to be portrayed in a false light. It was risky enough to go back and do it a second time and having seen the way they spin it. I wouldn't subject myself to that kind of situation again. I don't really have to.... My show's a lot cooler!

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