'Top Chef' finale: Will Kristen or Brooke be crowned the winner?

David Moir/Bravo / Today

For "Top Chef: Seattle" finalists Kristen Kish and Brooke Williamson, it's time to unpack their knives and go!

In Wednesday night's season 10 finale, the ladies will prepare five of their best dishes -- live in front of a studio audience. In addition to their own guests, the spectators will include the champions of all nine previous seasons of "Top Chef."

(In other words, no need to fear a repeat of season nine's cross-country ski/target-shooting "Culinary Olympics." What that had to do with cooking, we're not sure.)

Brooke, the steely owner of two acclaimed Los Angeles gastropubs, has dominated the competition for weeks. Then again, she hasn't had to square off against Kristen since the former model was eliminated in the 11th round.

After winning four challenges, Kristen was sent home during the infamous Restaurant Wars. (While Josie stayed. Boo! Hiss!) But then she sliced and diced five other eliminated cheftestants in the Last Chance Kitchen to earn her spot in the finale.

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