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Toothless Fang loses yet another ‘Survivor’

‘Irritating and just really dumb’ Kelly was the next member of Fang to be eliminated after her tribe visited Tribal Council yet again on "Survivor Gabon."
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The tribe has spokenKelly was the next member of Fang to be eliminated after her tribe visited Tribal Council yet again. "If she goes, it strengthens the team. And I think she's just irritating and really dumb. Kelly's going home tonight. It would be stupid not to send her," Ace said.

Some members of the tribe were considering going after arrogant Ace or idol-holder Sugar, but instead they banded together and eliminated its perceived weakest link. Then again, in such a losing tribe, pretty much everyone is the weakest link.

There’s no ‘team’ in ‘team’Fang keeps losing and losing; they’ve now won just two of 10 challenges during “Survivor Gabon.” At Tribal Council, Matty said, “we’re cursed.” But really, they just aren’t yet a team, as Jeff Probst and Kelly both pointed out at Tribal Council.

At the immunity challenge, Fang caught up to Kota thanks to strong performances from Matty and Kenny. But when it came time to assemble a flag pole, they all stood back and let Ace take over, and he fumbled. “This is where teamwork is going to win or lose this challenge,” Probst said, and for Fang, that sentence always means “lose.”

Fat and happyThe members of Kota eat a lot, which may explain why they’re always upbeat and why they nearly always win. This week, they won danishes and other pastries at the reward challenge, and then caught a turtle (!) in the water, which they enjoyed. (We were spared watching them prepare it.)

While all members of Kota eat a lot, they don’t eat as much as former Fang member Dan. He consumes food at an “alarming rate and he takes multiple servings,” Corrine said of her tribemate, because he “decided he deserves fourth and fifth servings.” Dan didn’t do anything to dissuade the notion that he’s gluttonous, suggesting that they just treat the reward as a bonus meal, and still eat their regular meal, because, he said, “I don’t want to be hungry come midnight.”

Apparently, all of that overeating caused him to forget he was on “Survivor.”

Troll alertAt the reward challenge, Probst got mean and encouraged Kota to eat part of its reward in front of Fang, and that upset Crystal, who started crying and told Probst it was because of the food and the disappointment.

That prompted her former tribemate Randy, who had frosting on his face, to imitate a baby: “waa, waa, waa,” he said. “I absolutely love watching them lose,” Randy revealed. Crystal later compared him to “a troll under the bridge” because of his behavior.

Sentences that are probably being explained right now to Matty’s girlfriend because of her priority in a list“Every night I dream about food, my dog, and my girlfriend,” Matty said.