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Tony Romo wants Papa Joe to back off

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are a couple again — as long as Jessica's dad, Joe, keeps his nose out of the quarterback's life and career aspirations, according to the Chicago Sun Times.
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The speculation is over. Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo aren’t just faking it for the press — they’re a couple once more. At least that’s the latest word from to the Chicago Sun Times. A college pal of Tony’s spoke to the paper, revealing the resumed romance, as well as the quarterback’s new condition: third-wheel Simpson patriarch, Joe, needs to “back off.”

“(Tony) did agree to go to (sister Ashlee's) wedding — keeping his promise to Jessica,” said the friend, who knew Tony from his days at Eastern Illinois University. “But he made it super-clear that if they were to give it another go, her dad had to seriously back off.”

Currently the relationship is “a trial thing,” the pal told the Sun Times. If Papa Joe can’t handle “leaving them alone” and not butting into Tony’s life and career aspirations, the new deal’s history.

Britney makes up for lost timeIt’s more good news from Camp Britney Spears, as OK! magazine reports the pop star’s comeback ambitions go way beyond her career. Britney’s now said to be working just as hard on motherhood and making up for lost time with her kids.

During a Memorial Day visit, Britney and her oldest son were spotted cuddling and, well, just acting like any mother and son. “Sean Preston wouldn't let go of Britney,” an onlooker told the magazine. “He didn't want to leave her side. Every time she tried to put him down, he would clinch himself closer to her.” When the little guy smacked his hand, he even went straight to mommy to make it all better. “Sean started crying, and then he was resting his head on Britney's shoulder."

Britney’s ready to fix things with her sons because, as one insider put it, “Her biggest regret is losing her boys, and now's the time to put that right.”

Michael Lohan didn’t out LiLo

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Despite reports to the contrary, Michael Lohan assured the New York Daily News that he never outted his daughter. On Tuesday, days after new photos surfaced showing Lindsay and her BFF Samantha Robinson cuddling, Us Weekly quoted the celebu-dad as saying the pair’s relationship “is evident to anyone with half a brain.” Not so, says Michael.

“I was talking about what Dina's show is all about, but they left that part off,” Michael said of the quote in question. “I was saying that it's evident the show is not about being a mom and a manager, the show's not about Ali, it's about Dina.”

As for the subject of Lindsay’s rumored romance, Michael added, “Lindsay's life choices are up to her. I don't get involved in my daughter's personal life.”

Dish on the flyThe nuptials are back on for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, but why the sudden change of heart from the “Hills” stars? “I'm ready to marry Spencer,” Heidi confessed to Us. “He's my soulmate.” Aw. (Or, ew.) As for Spence, he wanted the wedding all along, but Heidi inspired him to put in an extra effort. “Heidi read me biblical passages like 'Honor thy wife,'” he said. … “The Hobbit” may be put on hold, according to Page Six. The long awaited prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is in production danger, because the family of author J.R.R. Tolkien claims New Line Cinema owes them $160 million. Middle Earth fans will know for the fate of the film sometime after the matter goes to court next month. … Current success aside, Meryl Streep thought her career was over years ago. “I thought I was washed up at 40 so now I'm really thrilled,” the 58-year-old actress told the Daily Express. “Movies are really just a projection of the fantasies of people who pay for them and so for years those were just the fantasies of guys. Now there are women who say, 'Well, this woman is still sexy and interesting at 40 or worth listening to or looking at.'”

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