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Tony Hawk says he had to have ring cut off due to injury from accident

Thankfully it wasn't his wedding ring!
/ Source: TODAY

Tony Hawk is sharing the grisly x-rays of his right middle finger after he took a spill while skateboarding last Saturday.

The injury was so gruesome that a doctor had to cut a ring off Hawk's right middle finger before resetting his broken bones. The professional skateboarder told worried fans that his wedding ring "remains intact" on his left hand.

"Just received my x-rays from Saturday’s debacle. They had to cut my ring off before returning my bones to their full upright and locked position. My fingers are still sore / stiff / swollen but mostly functional. And I still love my job," Hawk wrote on Instagram next to x-rays of his hand.

Hawk, 52, was skateboarding in an empty pool last Saturday with his oldest son, Riley and a few friends when a trick went wrong and he "suddenly found myself on the flat bottom with my fingers bending in new directions," he wrote in another Instagram post that shows the happy group doing tricks at the pool before the accident.

Hawk said the pool was smaller than he expected, so he opted not to wear full padding, a decision he said he regrets.

After his fall, Hawk's son drove him to the hospital, where a nurse said his fingers look "dusky."

"That expedited my care, and I was immediately assigned to a room as an x-ray machine arrived," Hawks aid. "Apparently, 'dusky' is the color of extreme circulation loss. Within 30 mins, my fingers were back in place, and no longer dusky."

Hawk also shared before and after photos of his hand, along with a note of gratitude to his emergency room doctor, which included a special middle finger emoji directed to the entire year 2020.

"...but thanks to Dr Cho for putting my fingers back where they belong. Here’s to more healing for everyone in the next half of this year (and beyond)," Hawk wrote.

He added that he won't let the injury deter him from doing what he loves.

"As pro skaters, we accept that injuries are inevitable and perseverance is key to success. But it still sucks to get hurt, especially at my age," Hawk said. "And I’ll still be back for more."