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Tony Bennett thinks ‘Idol’ is too cruel

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Tony Bennett is not a fan of “American Idol” — and the legendary crooner says he has had angry words with Simon Cowell about it.

The “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” singer told the U.K. edition of Time Out that his appearance on the show left him disgusted by how the show’s hopefuls are put through a  wringer — and then left out to dry.

“I had it out with Simon (Cowell) when I met him and suggested that he should open up tiny clubs across the countries so the kids could break in and learn properly,” Bennett told the mag. “He said, ‘Oh I haven’t got time for that, I’m too busy making money!’”

Lopez's personal ‘What Not to Wear’J. Lo has a stylist who knows her well: her hubby.

“I pick out all her dresses, for the most part,” Marc Anthony said, reports Toronto’s 24 Hours. “She developed my eye for it. I didn’t realize I was so good at it, but she could have 20 designers and five girlfriends in a room, and she’ll still say, ‘Let’s ask Marc.’”

Anthony says he has figured out what colors work for his diva wife — and which don’t.

“She looks great in cream tones and light blues,” he said. “I like when she has smoky, dark eye shadow. That really brings out the color in her eyes and drives me nuts. That’s my weakness.”

Notes from all over
Tobey Maguire
startled onlookers when he smacked a camera out of a fan’s hand, admonishing him: “Don’t touch me, dude.”  ... Kirsten Dunst says she wants to get hitched. “I could see myself doing something intimate and traveling with a small group of family and friends, going away to a little island on the beach and getting married,” the “Spider-Man 3” star told Grazia magazine. “I would like to keep it small.” She didn’t say if the groom would be Johnny Borrell, the Razorlight rocker she’s been dating for just two months.  ... Eric Bana says his acting made an extra fall asleep. The “Lucky You” star was shooting a scene that went hours beyond what everyone expected. “It’s like four o’clock in the afternoon, everyones starving. We finally nail it (the scene). (Director Curtis Hanson) says, ‘That was great, that was great. You go and have some lunch. It was fantastic, it was perfect,” Bana said, reports WENN. “Anyway, we use real poker players. There are hardly any actors in this movie. Anyone sitting next to me is the real deal. We come back from lunch and (Hanson) says, ‘So Eric, we’ve got to do the scene again.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘We had a look at the tape, and the guy sitting next to you is asleep.’ Now, as an actor you like to feel you have this enigmatic energy. So I didn’t feel too good about that.”

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