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Is TomKat expecting a TomKitten?

Looks like Top Gun Tom Cruise and his preggers fiancee Katie Holmes are expecting a son based on their latest shopping spree.
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Looks like Top Gun Tom Cruise is expecting a son. The actor and his preggers sweetie Katie Holmes went on a shopping spree for a baby boy, says a source.

“They had their people storm Petit Tresor, this very upscale baby store near Beverly Hills, and they were buying stuff like blankets for a boy and taking pictures of other, larger items such as baby cribs for consideration,” says the source. The store is a favorite of such celebs and Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. “The merchandise there is very European and they were interested in the classic and elegant.”

A rep for the store declined to comment, saying “We respect the privacy of all our customers and wish for them happy, healthy children.”

How low can he goJustin Timberlake wants to go low. With his voice, that is.

The former boy bander is taking voice lessons so that he can reach deeper notes, according to the London Sun, which reports that he was rejected for two acting roles because “he sounded more like a boy than an action hero.”

The producers of the film wouldn’t originally tell Timberlake why he was nixed for the part. “They eventually confessed they rejected him because he sounded more like a 12-year-old boy than an action hero,” a source told the paper. “So he has been doing voice exercises day and night in a bid to develop a deep voice.”

Notes from all overBradley Whitford is not happy that the IRS is looking into his church because of a sermon a rector there gave before the last election. “The support we have received from across the spectrum of faith communities, including traditionally conservative evangelical leaders, has solidified our resolve — the United States government has no place in our houses of worship, and the selective targeting of churches who speak out on the issues of the day sets a dangerous precedent,” the “West Wing star wrote on “Declaring oneself a Christian is easy. Putting Christian values to work in a dangerous and violent world is not.” ... Mariah Carey is thinking of buying a hotel in London. Just a small one. “I could live there while I’m here and when I go back to the States other people could stay,” the “The Emancipation of Mimi” singer told the London Mirror. There’s a place in Chelsea with only 10 rooms that sounds fabulous. I could have a Mimi Suite which would be really girly. There’d be a salon, too. I trained at beauty school so I know how important a good manicure is.”. ... Peter Gallagher, star of “The OC,” was asked by Life magazine what was the strangest fan reaction he ever received about his famously bushy eyebrows. “Somebody said, ‘I’d like to cut them up, make tea out of them, and drink it,’” Gallagher told a forthcoming issue of the mag. “I thought, ‘Well, that would be hard to swallow.’”

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