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James Corden, Tom Hanks wig out in frantic, funny dash through Oscar-winner's film history

Tom Hanks recently gave his all to "The Late Late Show's" new host James Corden in "Every Tom Hanks Movie in 8 Minutes."
/ Source: TODAY

Tom Hanks must have the energy of ten men. When he's not appearing in music videos by Carly Rae Jepsen and his wife Rita Wilson or helping Girl Scouts sell cookies, he's giving his all to "The Late Late Show's" new host James Corden in one of the funniest TV segments we've seen in ages: "Every Tom Hanks Movie in 8 Minutes."

Now, that's a bit of a cheat — Hanks has somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 film credits and all of those can't come together in a single uncut TV segment featuring two guys frantically changing their wardrobes, grabbing props and smearing red paint on each other's faces (well, Corden's face).

Speaking of props, let's hear it for the off-camera folks maneuvering the backdrops, microphones and other accessories, like that blonde wig Corden has to keep yanking on and off.


But what really counts are those amazing eight minutes, during which the men get through a huge chunk of the two-time Oscar winner's oeuvre. It made us very Hanks-ful for all of the good memories he's created over the years.

Take it away, guys!

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