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Tom Hanks to the rescue! Girl Scouts get cookie boost thanks to star

/ Source: TODAY

A trio of Girl Scouts in Los Altos, California, didn't recognize Tom Hanks when he first walked by them. But once they saw past his baseball cap and dark shades, they got more than just a celebrity encounter.

They got help selling their cookies!

According to one scout's mom, who spoke to the Los Altos Town Crier, the always-affable actor was only too happy to help.

“I’m still on cloud nine,” Archana Appanna told the paper.

And who can blame her? Not only did Hanks reportedly buy four boxes of cookies for himself, but he also donated $20 on top of that — and then he went one better when passersby asked to get a photo with him.

“Only if you buy cookies from these young ladies," Appanna said, recalling Hanks' answer. She added that the star was "so personable, so down-to-earth."

Ah! Tom Hanks and Girl Scout cookies — each one is beloved. But put them together? Then you've really got a treat.

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This story was originally published on March 13 at 12:23 p.m.