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Tom Everett Scott looks back on 'That Thing You Do,' and advice Tom Hanks gave him

Tom Everett Scott, who played Guy Patterson in "That Thing You Do," reminisces about his favorite scenes from the movie, and what he learned from Tom Hanks.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s been more than two decades since “That Thing You Do” brought us fictional 1960s pop band the Oneders, er, we mean Wonders, and their infectious hit of the same name.

And Tom Everett Scott, who played drummer Guy Patterson, told TODAY which scenes stick with him most.

“I remember being very excited for our first performance at the talent show,” he said. “We had been practicing it for like two months, and that was our first opportunity to play. We were all a little bit nervous how everyone was going to perceive it, and it turned out great.”

He added, “I think my favorite moment from the movie is the first time it plays on the radio. And just the way that that scene all comes together with Liv Tyler and Ethan Embry hearing it and running down the street, running to the store that I work in, and everyone jumpin' around and dancing.”

The film was Tom Hanks’ directorial debut, and Scott says the Oscar winner — who also appeared in the film as band manager Mr. White — was the perfect mentor for a young actor.

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“Tom Hanks gave me so much advice that I've used my entire career,” he said. “I really couldn't have started off with a better person to guide me. One of the things that he told me right away was, ‘Less is more, especially on film.’ You know, the camera sees everything. He one time said to me, ‘You think you're not interesting enough, but you are. You really are, and you just gotta trust that.’”

As for his other castmates, Scott said Johnathon Schaech is the one who least resembles his character, Jimmy Mattingly.

“He's not this maniacal lead singer,” he said. “He's just a sweetheart.”

Scott cited himself as the actor most similar to the band member they played.

“I think that helped me in my audition, when I told Tom Hanks that this character was basically paralleling me, but in music instead of acting,” he said.

Fans will be happy to know that the Wonders still keep in touch.

“Steve Zahn was my best man in my wedding,” Scott said. “We're very close. Our wives are extremely close, and the kids. And so even though we don't really live near each other anymore, we definitely stay in touch and try to hang out as often as we can.

In 2017, Scott, Schaech and Embry even reunited to play “That Thing You Do” at LA music venue the Roxy.

“It was just supposed to be a laugh,” Scott said. “But a lot of people were really excited to see us. We were super nervous all over again, thinking that people would just be like, ‘What are they doing?’ But it was really fun.”

Tom Everett Scott stars in “I Hate Kids,” which also features Tituss Burgess, Rhea Seehorn and Rachel Boston. The film is available on VOD now.