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Tom Cruise teased at Anderson’s roast

Poor Tom Cruise. Pamela Anderson gets roasted, and yet he’s the butt of jokes.
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Poor Tom Cruise.

Pamela Anderson gets roasted, and yet he’s the butt of jokes. The “Stacked” star was subject to a roast in Los Angeles recently — which was broadcast on Comedy Central — but the “War of the Worlds” also got a lot of heat.

“One of the roasters, Greg Giraldo, said, ‘Pam, you being the star of a show about books and reading, is like Tom Cruise starring in a show about vaginas,’ ” according to a source.

“Another roaster Sarah Silverman, joked that she knew comedian Andy Dick was definitely straight because he just hit on [Cruise’s sweetie] Katie Holmes,” says another.

Are the organizers behind the event worried that the notoriously litigious Cruise will sue? “They were just jokes,” a Comedy Central spokeswoman tells The Scoop “Tom Cruise can take them however he wants to.”

Don't go Walken to the pollsCandidates for president in ’08 need not fret — they will not be running against Christopher Walken.

An — including a sober-sounding statement supposedly from Walken himself — is a hoax, his rep tells The Scoop.

“It’s time to be smart about our politics. It's time to get America back on track,” Walken is quoted as saying.

“[That site] made me laugh,” says spokeswoman Mara Buxbaum. “Chris has no involvement with it whatsoever. Chris doesn’t even own a computer — he doesn’t know from computers. I suspect it might be some prankster who enjoyed seeing Chris as secretary of state in ‘Wedding Crashers’ and now thinks he should run for president.”

Notes from all overMelanie Griffith worked as a stablehand on the set of hubby Antonio Banderas’ forthcoming flick “The Legend of Zorro” so she could be near her beloved, according to World Entertainment News Network.  . . . Victoria Beckham — once known as Posh Spice — has stunned fans with an overseas interview in which she apparently admitted that she’s never read a single book. The confession — to the Spanish mag Chic — is particularly peculiar, because Beckham supposedly is the author of a book — while her hubby, soccer star David Beckham, is the supposed author of two.  . . . Eva Longoria has been told to stop discussing vibrators. After the “Desperate Housewives” star confessed in an interview that she enjoys the devices, she says she’s received “truckloads” of them from admirers, but adds that her bosses at ABC have told her to avoid the topic in future interviews.

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