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Tom Cruise takes James Corden on harrowing and hilarious skydiving adventure

The 'Late Late Show' host went on an almost-impossible mission with the "Mission Impossible" star.
James Corden, Tom Cruise, Skydiving
Tom Cruise took James Corden skydiving on \"The Late Late Show.\"CBS
/ Source: TODAY

James Corden has recently had a few laughs at Tom Cruise's expense over the star's choice to take on some truly death-defying stunts for "Mission Impossible - Fallout," even downplaying a particularly harrowing skydiving scene.

But on Thursday's "Late Late Show," Cruise had the last laugh.

When last Corden and Cruise came face-to-face on the late-night show, Cruise told the host that he actually jumped from a plane at an altitude of 25,000 feet for the film — to which Corden replied, "Meh. ... You say 'jump,' but it's falling.'"

He added, "I think we're all getting carried away with the 'Tom Cruise: Action Hero' thing."

Well, that conversation ended in a challenge for Corden to go "falling" with the actor, and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

An admittedly "terrified" Corden said it all felt like "a mistake," but he trained alongside the action movie daredevil and learned everything he needed to know for their high-flying adventure — from learning how to lean into a spin to how to hand signal that he's "A-OK" (or that "I've just soiled myself").

Then the big moment came.

There was a bit of cursing, some frantic hand gestures (yeah, that one) and the free fall of a lifetime. And then, after a smooth landing for Cruise and a less-than-graceful touchdown for Corden, it was all over.

In a tweet after the show, the Carpool Karaoke king called it "one of my favorite things we've ever shot."