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Tom Cruise's co-stars can't handle footage of him breaking ankle on set

The "Mission Impossible: Fallout" star made his castmates squeamish when he shared footage of the stunt mishap on "The Graham Norton Show."
/ Source: TODAY

Tom Cruise's "Mission Impossible: Fallout" co-stars got downright squeamish when the actor shared footage of him breaking his ankle on the set of the film last summer.

When Cruise, 55, shared clips of the gnarly mishap on "The Graham Norton Show," his castmates Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill and Rebecca Ferguson were visibly grossed out.

"I can't watch this. I haven't watched this yet," Pegg says, panicking at the thought of seeing the gruesome footage, which was displayed from three different angles.

Cruise — who has long done all his own movie stunts —explained the injury happened during a rooftop chase scene when his character, international spy Ethan Hunt, leapt from one building onto another.

"Mission Impossible" star Simon Pegg reacts to seeing footage of his co-star Tom Cruise breaking his ankle last summer on the set of the franchise's sixth movie.YouTube

The action star was supposed to miss the edge of the second roof and be forced to pull himself up — which he pulled off just fine. The problem? Cruise smashed his foot into the side of the building at a bad angle and, well, snap.

"I knew I broke it instantly," reveals the acting legend, who unbelievably decided to pull himself up and keep on running to finish the take.

"I didn’t want to do it again," he explains.

As for Pegg, 47, he made clear that those who work with Cruise are well-accustomed to his steely determination.

The British funnyman tells his co-star, "Everybody said when you got up and ran out of shot, 'Oh, that's so him."

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