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Tom Cruise rocks out at Kanye West concert

Sources report that the Top Gun was acting rather bizarrely at a Kanye West concert at L.A.’s Avalon recently.
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Is Tom Cruise behaving strangely again?

The star — once known for his cool composure — has surprised observers with outbursts in recent months. Now come reports that the Top Gun was acting rather bizarrely at a Kanye West concert at L.A.’s Avalon recently.

The “Mission Impossible” star “dangled off a nine-foot-high balcony” at the concert, according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly. He then complained “All these people are making me crazy. It’s too much!’” and, as onlookers “gasped in disbelief” he “climbed up cables to get away from the crowds.” The account adds details to a report that first appeared in the New York Post.

Cruise made it up to the VIP balcony and reportedly “went nuts” when he heard his favorite songs from West. “As Kanye sang a line from ‘Gold Digger,’ about the need for prenups, Tom threw his hands in the air,” according to the mag, which also says that Cruise chatted with other concert-goers about Scientology. “He asked us what religion we were,” a source told ITW. “He told us that Scientology changed his life and his fiancée’s life, and it could change ours, too.”

“Not true,” Cruise’s spokesman told The Scoop regarding every anecdote mentioned. “I was standing right next to him,” Cruise’s rep told us. “He’s excited that Kanye is doing the theme to the next ‘Mission Impossible,’ but other than that, he acted like any other concert-goer.” The mag insists that it’s “confident” about the accuracy of the story.

Paris Hilton, singer?Paris Hilton has rendered a verdict on her own forthcoming album, and the partying heiress has declared, “It’s hot.”

“It’s been a long hard process getting this CD together,” Hilton tells the upcoming Star magazine. “I’m really proud of the album. It’s hot.”

Some are buzzing that one of the songs — about a falling-out with a close friend — is about former pal Nicole Richie. Hilton says she even penned some of the songs herself, “I’ve written poems, so that helped me with lyrics,” she told Star.

Paris got the creative team who did her Carl Jr. burger commercial to shoot her video. Hilton says she is bracing herself for an initially tough reception to the album. “People will trash [the still unnamed album] because it’s me, but once they listen, they’ll be shocked,” she told the tab. “I know this is good.”       

Notes from all overWill Gwyneth Paltrow’s new baby be a Pear? The actress named her daughter Apple, and her mother says the forthcoming child won’t be a Tom, Dick, or Harry. “It’s likely Gwyneth’s new child will have an equally uncommon name,” Blythe Danner said, reports the London Mirror. “We love unusual names in this family.”  . . . “I love Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, and I wish Chris Tucker would come back, but I don’t idolize anybody,” the late comic Richard Pryor told Stuff magazine. The interview appears in the March issue, but was conducted in 2004 — he answered the mag’s questions through is wife — and is believed to be his last interview before Pryor lost his battle with multiple sclerosis.  . . .  Some wags are calling Prince “The Artist Who Was Formerly Known.” The Purple Rain performer visited England recently, where he went to great lengths to dodge fans and paparazzi. He insisted decoy limos greet him at the airport to throw off the fans and photographers, according to the London Sun, which notes, “The trouble was, I’m not aware of anyone turning up to see him.”

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