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Tom Cruise returning to Oprah

Actor hasn’t appeared on Winfrey’s daytime talk show since his June 23, 2005, appearance where he very enthusiastically expressed his love for future wife Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise is returning to “Oprah”!

The actor hasn’t appeared on Winfrey’s daytime talk show since his June 23, 2005, appearance where in addition to promoting “War of the Worlds,” he very enthusiastically expressed his love for future wife Katie Holmes (we’re putting the whole couch incident in the past).

It’s not clear what the focus of this show will be, but it is well-timed to May sweeps, and a quick look at the calendar shows that this summer is the 25th anniversary of Cruise’s breakthrough role in “Risky Business.”

A rep for Warner Home Video does confirm that there are “special plans” for the anniversary, and details are being finalized. Other celebrities have been contacted about being involved in the show according to sources close to them, so expect it to be an A-list hour of television. Cruise’s publicist wasn’t available for comment and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” didn’t respond by deadline.

Is it love for Kate and Owen?
It looks like the reunion of America’s blondest couple, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson, is going well. Both Hudson and Wilson have been busy on opposite ends of the country filming movies, but they found time to rendezvous on the occasion of Hudson’s 29th birthday.


Owen Wilson

From action to comedy to a mix of both, a look at the films of the Hollywood favorite.

Hudson, who had been in Boston filming “Bride Wars” with Anne Hathaway, flew down to Miami (where Wilson’s been shooting “Marley & Me”) on April 19 to share a dinner for two at AGO at The Shore Club, just before 11 p.m.

“They then walked hand in hand to Skybar at The Shore Club, where they lounged on a bed,” an eyewitness told OK! “They partied until 1 a.m. and were kissing and making out all night.”

Amid the PDA-fest, the partygoer also overheard Kate telling Owen, 39, that she loved him. “They were all over each other. It was one of those ‘get a room’ moments,” the source told OK! “They didn’t pay attention to anyone in the room but each other.”

Star’s divorce no surpriseThere were plenty of signs that things were on the rocks with Star Jones and Al Reynolds: public spats, long separations and crafty Web site edits. A source close to the couple says that someone in the Jones camp might have not thought it through when, the Web site that’s been in existence since the earliest days of the couple’s marriage, suddenly routed to a Web site that was solely about Star.

“The change happened in March, just after another round of denials about their relationship made the rounds,” says the source. “Someone should have caught that.” Jones filed for divorce from Reynolds on March 23.

Mario Lopez, choosing book tour over love?

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

It’s been a busy few months for Mario Lopez — he’s joined the cast of “A Chorus Line” on Broadway, and on May 13, his new book “Knockout Fitness” will be released. His budding book career, though, might be the last straw for Karina Smirnoff, says a source close to the couple. “He’s so focused on all of his work right now and he just doesn’t have patience for any of the drama at the moment. It’s making Karina nervous and it’s going to be tough going for them,” says the source. “Hopefully they can patch things up.”

Lopez’s book is his first. It’s described as “a diverse exercise regimen that brings together sweat, discipline and excitement and includes some of Mario’s favorite activities: boxing, running, biking, dancing, yoga, basketball and swimming, so one never gets tired of doing the same thing.”

Lucy Liu heading to prime time?It’s being reported that Lucy Liu is in negotiations to join the cast of “Dirty Sexy Money” for its upcoming fall season. The move is great for Liu, considering what a hit “DSM” was for ABC, but it begs the question about the fate of Liu’s current show, “Cashmere Mafia,” which appears to be on the renewal bubble. Liu will reportedly play a lawyer on the show if the deal comes through.

In other “DSM” news, sources close to the set say that the show, which also stars William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, Peter Krause and Blair Underwood, is heading in a slightly different direction when it returns in the fall. “You’re going to see some of the plot lines develop much more slowly — it’s going to be great for the actors, who will get to really showcase what they’ve got as a result,” says a source familiar with the development of the show’s second season. “This is one instance where the writers strike was a positive force. We got to really examine how the show works,” says the source.