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Is Tom Cruise a relationship addict?

Tom Cruise apparently told Jamie Foxx that he can’t stand not being in a relationship.
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Is Tom Cruise a relationship addict?

The “War of the Worlds” star seems to have a bit of the J.Lo syndrome: Cruise apparently told Jamie Foxx that he can’t stand not being in a relationship.

Foxx, while promoting his new film “Stealth,” said that Cruise revealed to him why he got engaged to Katie Holmes so soon after splitting from Penelope Cruz. According to Foxx, Cruise told him, “I don’t like not being in a relationship.”

But Foxx had high praise for Cruise, who has been taking some lumps in the press lately.

“Tom Cruise is like the Michael Jordan of acting,” Foxx said of his “Collateral” co-star. “He looks like he has everything — and he does. He has never had a fall. So people are looking for him to trip and fall.”

Talking back to the press

U.S. actress Kate Hudson poses for photographers to promote her movie "The Skeleton Key" in Madrid July 22, 2005. The movie opens in Spain on July 29. REUTERS/Susana VeraSusana Vera / X01622

Looks like golden girl Kate Hudson doesn’t always glitter.

Some reporters interviewing Goldie Hawn’s daughter for her new flick “Skeleton Key” say Hudson got a bit caustic with some reporters.

For example, while discussing the weight she dropped for the role, an interviewer for the London Guardian asked if she felt pressure to have a perfect body in Hollywood. “What do you think?” Hudson asked, as she puffed on a cigarette.

The reporter replied that she believed there was, but wanted to know what Hudson thought. “The pressure would come from people like you, wouldn’t it?” Hudson asked.

After “a little sparring” Hudson said the only time she felt pressure was when she had to drop the pounds for “Skeleton Key.” When asked where that pressure came from, Hudson replied, “Unimportant to the moral of the story.” The reporter asked if it was directors or producers, and again got a non-giggly answer: “Unimportant to the moral of the story.”

Another reporter who interviewed Hudson told The Scoop: “She’s not exactly rude. But she acts like she clearly doesn’t want to be interviewed, but she smiles at you all the while.”

Notes from all over

** FILE ** Hilary Duff appears at a promotional kickoff of her Icebreakers' Liquid Ice mints national advertising campaign in New York, in this Feb. 17, 2005, file photo. Duff, 18, and Rob Schneider, 41, will co-host the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, Fox announced Tuesday, July 12, 2005. "The Perfect Man" leading lady and "The Hot Chick" leading man will hand out awards such as Choice Liplock, Choice Movie Chemistry and Choice Male Hottie during the Los Angeles ceremony Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. EDT. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, file)Bebeto Matthews / AP

Hilary Duff banned confetti at her concerts after finding out that it's not good for the environment.  . . . “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” fans might be in for a bit of a disappointment. John Berendt's book, which was about Savannah, Georgia, spent a record-breaking four years on the New York Times best-seller list. Now Berendt is coming out with “City of Fallen Angels” in September. Publisher’s Weekly wrote in its review: “Berendt has delivered an intriguing mosaic of modern life in Venice, which makes for first-rate travel writing, albeit one that lacks a compelling core story to keep one reading into the night.”  . . . Hugh Grant’s quirky sense of humor extends to talking about his mother’s death. The “Love Actually” star has written a book, “What Can I Do To Help? 75 Practical Ideas For Family and Friends from Cancer’s Frontline” in which he discusses how he cheered up his mother when she was hit with the disease. “I got bored and went back to tormenting her — my personal favorite being secretly activating her hospital bed so that the head and legs both lifted to put her in an amusing jack-knife position,” he wrote, according to London’s Sunday Mirror. “I blow-dried her hair on the day before she died, which was frankly not the success I had hoped for, and which may — I now concede — have finished her off.”

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