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Tom Brady and James Corden are the golf dream team you never knew you needed

He's mastered football. Now Brady is showing the late-night host a thing or two about golf.
/ Source: TODAY

Tom Brady is almost as dominant on the golf course as he is on the football field.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion played a round on the links with James Corden during the comedian's "Two Hours Off" segment on Wednesday's episode of “The Late Late Show.”

The pair met at the golf course, where Corden shared he doesn’t golf but plays on his phone and can’t imagine it’s much different.

“This could be a long day for you,” Brady said.

They warmed up their glutes, which Corden compared to a trust exercise in a musical theater class. He also got Brady to warm up his voice, by saying “Super Bowl,” “seven rings” and “I’m the Ariana Grande of the NFL.”

When they finally started playing, Corden shouted as Brady hit off the tee.

“You’re bad luck,” he said, throwing a tee at the late-night host.

Corden and Brady spent time golfing ... and the sport may never be the same again.Terence Patrick / CBS

Brady returned the favor, yelling as Corden drove the ball off the tee, prompting him to hit it astray toward another group of golfers.

The duo then sang Nelly's "Country Grammar" while riding in their cart, foreshadowing another duet from them that came later.

“This is my favorite hobby,” Brady said when Corden asked him if he enjoys playing golf because he can’t do it too much during the season.

After Brady finished off an impressive drive, Corden pointed out a rabbit watching him.

“Hey, rabbit, meet the GOAT,” he said.

Corden also asked Brady what more he thinks he needs to accomplish on the football field.

“It’s hard to walk away from something that you still feel like you can do and you want to do,” he replied, while noting he wants to prove to himself that he can still excel.

And when you are the GOAT, you have access to some of the other greats as well, which may explain why Brady FaceTimed Phil Mickelson — who became the oldest golfer to win a major this past May when he captured the PGA Championship at the age of 50 — for some advice on a hole. Mickelson and Brady will square off against Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and 2020 U.S. Open champion Bryson DeChambeau in a charity golf match on July 6.

Corden decided to get some input from Mickelson as well.

“This looks to me like a very long par-4 and I don’t know how to play golf, so any advice for me?” he quipped.

Corden then brought out a windmill on one of the greens to give their match a little miniature golf flavor. Because he’s Tom Brady, he got the ball through the windmill and sank the putt, making it look easy.

They then took a minute to clear their heads, with Corden leading a breathing exercise that features him saying “Rob” and “Gronkowski,” playing on Brady's longtime tight end with the New England Patriots and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Corden and Brady then played some football, with Corden trying to properly snap the ball and even catch a pass. Brady said Corden could even be a quarterback.

“First of all, you can act, sing, dance. You’re a great comedian,” Brady said.

“Is that important to a quarterback?” Corden chuckled.

“No, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. I think you’re going to do well in life,” Brady responded.

Once they hopped back in the cart, they discussed how great “Hamilton” is and Brady said he’s seen the Broadway sensation live three times. Then they teamed up for a duet of "Alexander Hamilton" from the musical, providing a showstopping conclusion to a memorable day on the links.