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Vote for your favorite costume from our #MyTODAYPlazaween celebration Day 3

The costumes just keep getting better and better!
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's #MyTODAYPlazaween celebration is in full swing and we're so excited to bring the Halloween spirit to our virtual plaza this week. The festivities will build up to a spooktacular celebration on Friday, Oct. 30. Each day, we'd like you, our viewers, to vote on which family you'd like to see return to our #MyTODAYPlaza on Friday. The group with the most votes each day this week will be joining us (in costume, of course) then. We can't wait! Read about each family below.

Voting is now closed for Wednesday's families.

Here are the families featured on Wednesday.

Robinson family

The Robinson family on TODAY
Courtesy of the Robinson family

First up, we've got the Detroit-based Robinson family, who is dressed as a carnival. Mom Cheryl made her contortionist costume by hand!

The Robinson family as a carnival on TODAY
Mom Cheryl is dressed as a contortionist. Dad Cliff is dressed as a a ring master. Daughter Maiah is dressed as a popcorn vendor with Penny, the family poodle, dressed as popcorn! Courtesy of the Robinson family

Deli family

The Deli family on TODAY
Courtesy of the Deli family

Next, it's the Deli family from Sewickley, Pennsylvania. They’re known for being “Halloween crazy,” as it’s their favorite holiday to celebrate together. This year, they decided to dress up as the Addams family.

The Deli family dressed as the Adams family on TODAY
Mom Desiree is dressed as Gomez. Dad Rob is dressed as Uncle Fester. Mila, 13, is dressed as Morticia. Aurelia, 7, is dressed as Wednesday.Courtesy of the Deli family

Kirby family

The Kirby family on TODAY
Courtesy of the Kirby family

The Kirby family is from Forsyth, Illinois. Mom Ashley and dad Samuel started dating 11 years ago on Halloween! The Kirbys have dressed up as a couple for more than a decade, but this year, they've added their newest member, son Maverick! They're dressing up as busy bees.

The Kirby family dressed as busy bees on TODAY
Mom Ashley is dressed as a bee. Dad Samuel is dressed as a beekeeper. Maverick, 11 months, is dressed as a baby bee. Courtesy of the Kirby family

McMullin family

The McMullin family on TODAY
Courtesy of the McMullin family

The McMullin family from Brookfield, Ohio, is dressing up as the "spice" girls this year! Patti made all of the costumes from scratch — from labels to lids!

The McMullin family dressed as spice on TODAY
Patti is dressed as cinnamon. Dena is dressed as salt. Katie is dressed as pepper. Cindy is dressed as chili pepper. Courtesy of the McMullin family