'Today' show anchor strips down for nude run after losing bet

/ Source: TODAY

If you make a bet on the air, you better be prepared to back it up!

And one "Today" anchor did just that by running nude through the studio after a wager went wrong.

And no, it wasn't Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker or any other familiar face from our TODAY family. Instead, the anchor in question was Karl Stefanovic, from the Australian morning show that goes by the same name.

Stefanovic, who made headlines in the past for wearing the same suit every day for a year, took his suit off on Friday's show after a cricket captain failed to hit the mark he predicted before a big game.

Stefanovic had support for the stunt from his boss, Nine Entertainment's CEO David Gyngell. In fact, he had encouragement.

See more of Stefanovic — but not too much more — on Australia's "Today".

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