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TODAY co-hosts find out how well their spouses really know them in 'Newlywed Game'

The co-hosts' love stories were put to the test — how did they do?
/ Source: TODAY

The 3rd hour of TODAY hosts know their spouses pretty well.

On Friday, Al Roker, Dylan Dreyer, Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones all took part in a surprise version of “The Newlywed Game,” moderated by NBC News’ Steve Kornacki. Each of the personalities was asked a question and had to see if their response matched the one given by their significant other in a prerecorded answer.

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Dylan got the game going when she was asked who said “I love you” first, her or husband Brian Fichera.

She said he did, which is how he replied.

“I said ‘I love you’ and I got, like, silence until that night,” he said.

Dylan laughed, but did note she said “thank you” so he wouldn’t think if she reciprocated his feelings that it was some sort of “empty response.”

“I wanted him to know when I said it back it was because it was coming from me, not just a response,” she clarified.

Craig also scored a point when asked what wife Lindsay Czarniak would say her favorite trait about him is.

He went for sense of humor and had to sweat it out, because she waited until the end before mentioning he’s funny, instead choosing to wax poetic about how kind he is.

“His heart, and, honestly, is how he treats people. It is just how he is the same person that you see on television is the same person that comes home. And he’s pretty funny,” she said.

Next up was Sheinelle, who was asked who initiated the first date: her or her husband, Uche Ojeh?

She said that he would say she did, and she was right.

“And he says he definitely knows that you said ‘I love you’ first,” Kornacki said, prompting Sheinelle to say she doesn’t think that’s the case.

Al, who has the longest marriage of all the contestants — he and wife Deborah Roberts have been married for 25 years — brought the game to a finish when he was asked what one thing about his wardrobe she would change. He said it was the shirts from his alma mater, SUNY Oswego, but he was off the mark, proving that the length of a union does not always guarantee you know everything about your partner.

“If I could get rid of one thing from Al’s wardrobe, I’m sorry, it’s all those colorful glasses,” she said, referring to his trademark eyewear.

“A purple pair, a blue pair. That’s plenty,” she added. “Let’s get rid of the yellows and the oranges and the pinks, OK? We get it. You don’t need them.”