The Today 12: Eric Hutchinson says the last lie he told was his 'best decision ever'

/ Source: TODAY

Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson is out with his third studio album, "Pure Fiction," and he joined us in the studio recently to perform his single, "Tell the World." It's a catchy track that got Hoda and Meredith dancing.

We apologize, this video has expired.

While we worked to get our hands on the album, we wanted to learn a bit more about the man behind the voice, so we enlisted Hutchinson to fill out the Today 12. There's nothing we love more than a Mad-Lib-style celeb tell-all.

Read on for his answers!

Rebekah Lowin
  1. I have to wake up every morning to start the day off right.
  2. The last thing I Googled was movie times.
  3. My hidden talent or superpower is Limbo!
  4. My first/worst job was ice cream scooper.
  5. Chris Pratt would play me in the movie of my life.
  6. If I could spend the day with one TODAY anchor, it would be Hoda - duh! and we would chill.
  7. The last lie I told was the best decision ever!
  8. Advice to my 13-year-old self: Be nicer.
  9. The last time I was nervous was RIGHT NOW.
  10. I'm the ... big spoon.
  11. The title of my autobiography would be: Not There Yet.
  12. Doodle here: [See below!]