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TNT may not cancel 'The Closer' after all

Karen Neal / TNT / Today
"The Closer" may live on without star Kyra Sedgwick.

All you "Closer" fans who were upset at the news that season seven would be the last may rejoice at this possibility: The show may not end after all!

Deadline.com is reporting that TNT is considering ways on how it can continue the hit show without star Kyra Sedgwick, who in December announced she was not renewing her contract. One possibility, according to Deadline, is that TNT may expand the planned 15-episode season to 21 episodes. Then, it may order nine episodes of either a spin-off of "The Closer" or "The Closer" without Sedgwick.

What do you think? Will "The Closer" be as good without Sedgwick, or should TNT just try for a spin-off?

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