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TMI TV: We don't need to know how much your scrotum weighs


Just consider it — 132 pounds. It's roughly the weight of four cinder blocks, three border collies or one newborn giraffe. Heck, it's even the weight of some fully grown humans.

It's also exactly how much an adult man's scrotum weighs — not on average, just in the case of one particular man.

That tidbit might have remained unknown to most people if it weren't for TLC's upcoming special, "The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum." The title says it all. In fact, some might think it says too much.

Welcome to television's new Golden Age. There are more channels than ever before and more quality programming than most watchers have time to take in. But not everything in the prime-time lineup can be a "Breaking Bad," a "Game of Thrones" or a "Downton Abbey." And that's a good thing.

Variety is part of what makes the current state of the small screen so satisfying. Want a well-written, hard-hitting drama? You can find it. Want a laugh-a-minute comedy? No problem. Want thrilling movies? Educational fare? Exciting reality competitions? It's all there.

Want a show with a sideshow-worthy title that focuses on one man's enormous scrotum? Evidently, you can see that too. But does anyone really want to?

Some things constitute too much information, and genital weight (or dimension or just about any other descriptor) would normally fall into that category. It's the sort of thing that polite society prefers to keep between the person who possesses the part in question and his partner, family, doctor and in the case of the "Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum," almost certainly his tailor. The rest of us? We don't really need to know.

But the fact is some viewers want to know all the same. The upcoming scrotum-centric TLC special may be new, but the idea behind it isn't. Long before the "Man With the …" — oh, you know — other TMI TV specials had people tuning in.

There have been documentary specials on "The Woman With Giant Legs" and the "Half-Ton Teen" (as well as the "Half-Ton Man," the "Half-Ton Killer," etc.). Shocker-filled series, such as TLC's "Strange Sex" and "My Strange Addiction" have introduced audiences to a woman with 85-pound breasts (who sports a 102ZZZ bra) and another woman whose claim to fame is her 15-inch long toenails.

As long as there's an audience for unusual medical maladies, extreme reveals or even just random jaw-droppers, it's seems a safe bet that — like it or not — these out-of-the-ordinary TV tales will continue.

As for those who don't think the latest special is too much information at all — or for those who think it is, but they'd like to take a looksee anyway — TODAY.com has an exclusive sneak peak from "The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum." It features the man himself, Wesley Warren, who suffers from a condition known as scrotal lymphedema. But be forewarned before pressing play: The clip is as candid as the show's title and features scenes with the blurred-but-visible body part.

If you're part of the "don't need to know crowd," don't watch. If you're one of the curious, check it out — and if you're still intrigued, you can catch the show when it airs Monday at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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Exclusive look: 'Man With the 132 lb Scrotum'

Play Video - 1:29

Exclusive look: 'Man With the 132 lb Scrotum'

Play Video - 1:29

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