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TMI Alert! Blake Shelton Talks Honeymooning with Miranda Lambert, Getting Drunk and, Uh, Diarrhea

Guess we don't have to ask who was absent the day they taught media training at superstar school.
/ Source: E!online

Guess we don't have to ask who was absent the day they taught media training at superstar school.

So while we're slightly grossed out by what The Voice 's resident (and self-proclaimed) hillbilly had to tell us, we're equally refreshed by what a breath of fresh air he's turned out to be.

Leave the glamour to Brangelina. But when it comes to blunt honesty? Well, Blake Shelton's got that one covered. Take, for instance, what he told us about his recent honeymoon to new wife Miranda Lambert...

"Our plan was just to go home for about three days," he said of their initial honeymoon-nixing plans. Turns out, it was Miranda's suggestion for them not to go away to allow Blake some downtime--but it was her putting his needs first (aww, love) that made him plot the secret trip.

"Her just saying that, I decided at that moment I was going to surprise her with a trip somewhere...just knowing she was willing to do that for me," he said.

They ended up going to Reba McEntire's home in Cancun.

"I surprised her and flew her down there with a couple friends of ours for three days of absolute crazy fun," he said. "We got to experience everything: we got drunk, we ate too much, we got seasick one day, we got sunburned, I did a couple shots of salt water that I didn't mean to because the waves were hitting me too hard.

"We did everything you're supposed to do in Mexico...including, I drank the water and had diarrhea."

Well, file that under things you'll never hear Brad Pitt say.

Then again, Blake said that he's not about to go into the business of keeping his personal life particularly private.

"I just think it's harder for Miranda and I to pull back," he explained. "Country music is different in that we're very in touch with our fans and there's a closer relationship. I think because of that, naturally, because we're both country artists and we did just get married, it would've been close to impossible to keep that under wraps and keep that part of what we do hidden.

"People want to know and, you know what, I'm proud. I mean, I can't believe that I got Miranda Lambert. Hell yeah, I'm gonna talk about that and I want there to be pictures on magazines so I can prove it to people. That's awesome to me. I don't have any secrets to keep from anybody."

Anyone else feeling refreshed?

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