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Is ‘Titanic’ star Leo sailing away with Sienna?

Jude Law is said to be rekindling his romance with fiancée Sienna Miller, but she has been spotted looking quite cozy with Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Are Sienna Miller and Leonardo DiCaprio an item?

Jude Law is said to be rekindling his romance with fiancée Miller, but she has been spotted looking quite cozy with Leonardo DiCaprio for the second time in the last few months.

Miller was recently dancing and drinking with pals at Bungalow 8 in New York, when DiCaprio joined them, according to reports.

Miller and DiCaprio “spent most of the rest of the evening huddled in a corner, chatting,” notes the London Mirror. “There was a lot of flirting going on. Leo didn’t even look at any of the other girls. He would whisper in Sienna’s ear, then they’d laugh together. It looked pretty cozy.”

DiCaprio —  who recently split from long-time girlfriend Gisele Bundchen — was spotted “flirting” with Miller in a Los Angeles nightclub in November.

Depp is one protective daddyJohnny Depp has issued a warning to paparazzi: photograph his kids and he’ll bite your noses off.

“I don’t care if they take my photograph. I don’t care if they take Vanessa’s [Paradis, his wife] photograph; we’re adults,” the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” star told Loaded magazine. “But when they start taking photos of my kids and putting them in their magazines, that I can’t support.  . . . [J]ust make sure that you’re really far away because if I’m able to get my hands on you I’ll swallow your nose. I’d bite your nose off and swallow it.”

Notes from all overNicollette Sheridan has hinted that there may be some truth to those rumors that one of her co-stars has an eating issue. The “Desperate Housewives” star was asked about her appetite, as well as others on the cast. She loves to eat, she said, but of her co-stars she added, “some eat and some don’t.” . . . . Who will win in Pro-gamblers are placing their bets with Randal. On-line oddsmaker has listed consulting firm owner Randal as a 1/3 favorite to win; meanwhile 23-year-old financial journalist Rebecca was given 5/2 odds. “Entering the final task Randal has never been in trouble in the boardroom and has earned nothing but the respect and admiration of the other contestants,” notes Simon Noble of “While Rebecca’s been solid, she hasn’t received the same accolades as Randal and has been close to being fired on a couple of occasions.”  . . . Pete Doherty is reportedly planning to write a book about ex-sweetie Kate Moss. She’s not happy. “He’s a user in every sense of the word. He makes me sick,” the model said of her recently-arrested ex. “Yes, I loved him, but I was taken in by his little-boy-lost routine. He has nearly cost me everything.”

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