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Tina Fey: Anyone can imitate Palin's voice

Anyone can do Gov. Sarah Palin's voice, says actress Tina Fey, who has done a pretty good job of it herself.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Anyone can do Sarah Palin's voice, says comedian Tina Fey, who has done a pretty good job of it herself.

"Not since 'Sling Blade' has there been a voice that anybody can do," Fey said. "Anybody can take a swing at this voice."

Appearing on CBS "Late Show with David Letterman" scheduled to air Friday, Fey shared her formula for having spoofed the Alaska governor in recent "Saturday Night Live" sketches.

"It's a little bit `Fargo,' it's a little bit Reese Witherspoon in `Election,'" said Fey, adding she also borrowed the Midwestern accent of her friend Paula's grandma, "a sweet, sweet old lady from Joliet, Illinois. She would always say, `Ohhhh, this and that and stuff like that!'"

Fey, the star of the NBC comedy "30 Rock," was formerly a writer and cast member at "SNL," where she has made a splash with guest appearances this fall making sport of her resemblance to the Republican vice presidential hopeful.

She explained to Letterman other ways she captures Palin's distinctive speaking style: dropping g's and loading sentences with r's."

"She's digging those r's," Fey said. "I think she thinks there's oil in those r's — she is digging deep!"

As spoof made way for reality, Palin was scheduled to appear on "SNL" Saturday. There was no word on whether Fey would be on hand.