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Tim Gunn's mom wanted him to get a Mitt Romney makeover

He's "Project Runway's" resident style guru, but as it turns out, Tim Gunn's style didn't make it work as far as his own mother was concerned.

During his first ever visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday, the fashion-forward consultant confessed that his late mother never held back when it came to telling him exactly what not to wear.

"I can't believe you wore that tie!" Gunn said, launching into a litany of mom's typical complaints after watching him on an episode of "Runway." "'I can't believe you wore that shirt with that suit,' 'I can't believe no one told you that your collar was standing up,' 'I can't believe this…' I mean, unbelievable!"

But she didn't stop there. Mom even suggested a fashion icon for him to follow when the family was gathered for what turned out to be her last Thanksgiving.

"I walk into her house and she looks me up and down as if she's never seen me before," Gunn explained. "I'm thinking, 'God has she really lost it? What is the matter?' She crosses her arms and she says, 'I wish you would dress more like Mitt Romney.' Mitt Romney? She always had to have the last word."

She might have had the last word, but Gunn certainly didn't take her advice.

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