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This tile company's floor is a wild optical illusion

The floor at British tile company Casa Ceramica has been designed to mess with your perception.
/ Source: TODAY

This floor in a British tile company is enough to make you seasick on land.

The optical illusion floor at Casa Ceramica in Manchester is actually flat, but you're forgiven if you're worried about wobbling down an imaginary incline and being sucked into another dimension.

Casa Ceramica owner Duncan Cook posted a video jokingly "navigating" the "Alice in Wonderland"-style floor, followed by a clip showing that there's nothing to be afraid of and it's all in your mind.

The company created the effect resembling a miniature skate park by laying the tiles in a curved pattern. Looking at it from the other direction is not quite as stomach-churning.

The floor was installed about a year ago to demonstrate what can be done with tile, and it's apparently not as intense up close.

"It gets some funny looks. However, the effect is greatly enhanced through a camera,'' Casa Ceramica sales administrator Harry Molyneaux told TODAY in an email. "The floor is completely flat and safe to walk over."

It's the latest optical illusion sweeping the internet, following on the heels of the Cafe Wall, the Coffer Illusion, the brick wall with a hidden cigar, and more.

Some people were dazzled by the floor, while others suggested avoiding any cocktails before walking across.

The photo of the floor was also posted on Reddit suggesting its most effective purpose: to prevent running in the hallways.

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