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Exclusive: Meet the creators on TikTok’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list

These 15 accounts will make you laugh, cry, learn ... and laugh again.
Pride Tiktok visionaries
Pictured: Jake Shane, Eunice Straight Head  and Jae Gurley.TODAY Illustration / Tiktok

Your TikTok feed is about to get more exciting, and more inclusive.

TikTok is kicking off Pride Month by honoring some of the platform's prominent LGBTQ+ creators through its first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list.

With a lineup that includes a body-celebrating candlemaker, a lovable handywoman and an Indigenous cosplayer, TikTok’s selection of diverse and creative honorees will bring heaps of joy and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, both on and off the platform. 

Read on to find the rising TikTokers ready to take various industries — from music to entertainment and culture — by storm.



Who: Devin Habal (@hal.baddie, she/her), is a New York-based creator and self-described "living doll."

Followers: 642,000+

What you should know: Watch enough of Devin Halbal's videos, and you'll be speaking in her infectiously quotable, off-the-cuff phrases, like “Met Gala behavior." She spreads positivity through her lifestyle and travel videos, and hopes her videos inspire other transgender women to live proudly and freely.


Who: Jake Shane (@octopusslover8, he/him), a comedian known for his viral videos — so funny the person filming often laughs.

Followers: 2.1 million+

What you should know: Jake Shane shot to TikTok stardom for his hilarious re-imaginings of significant historical events. In his time since becoming popular on the social media platform, the Los Angeles-based comedian and content creator has used his page to start conversations about mental health and his experience with severe OCD and anxiety.


Who: Jae Gurley (@jaegurley, they/them), a Black fem nonbinary creator living in New York, and sharing their experiences.

Followers: 1.8 million+

What you should know: Jae Gurley is living their best life, and wants you to do the same. Their videos center storytelling and embracing individuality (and style, too). Live your “most confident Bougie B life," like Jae Gurley would advise.


Who: Mercury Stardust (@mercurystardust, she/her) is a professional home maintenance technician, performer and activist who calls herself the Trans Handy Ma'am.

Followers: 2.3 million+

What you should know: Mercury Stardust uses her account to share she's learned as a home maintenance technician — and to share what it's like to hold that position as a trans woman.


Who: Am and Noey (@thezletnis, she/her) are queer twin sisters from Toronto.

Followers: 158,000+

What you should know: Wearing inclusive fashion, the twin sister encourage self-expression and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community at the same time. They also use their own experiences — including coming out together — to educate viewers.

Industry disruptors


Who: Saucy Santana (@saucysantana, he/him), a Florida rapper.

Followers: 3.5 million+

What you should know: If you want to reach Saucy Santana, try giving "1-800-Bad-B---h" a ring. Or, just listen to his infectious, bold videos and channeling your own inner Saucy. The openly gay rapper is making a name for himself with chart-topping tracks like “Material Girl" and nods of approval from artists like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Cardi B.


Who: Andre Isaacs (@drdre4000, he/him) is an associate professor of chemistry living in Boston.

Followers: 472,000+

What you should know: You don't need to know any chemistry to find a spark with Andre Isaac's pop culture-filled, albeit laboratory-set, videos. With skits and educational content, Isaac is dancing toward a more inclusive future in science, technology, engineering, and math.


Who: Tate Farris (@imbabytate, she/her), an Atlanta-based musician.

Followers: 1.2 million+

What you should know: Tate Farris knows how to make a sound go viral. You can can find her sound at the intersection of summery pop and hip-hop, and hear her sing the confidence-boosting song “I Am,” as well as “Hey, Mickey!” and Ashnikko’s “Stupid.”


Who: Jon Kung (@jonkung, he/they), a professional cook living in Detroit.

Followers: 1.7 million+

What you should know: Before he was a TikTok star, Jon Kung ran secret dinner parties. Now, his secrets are out in the open, as he shares his cross-cultural recipes on TikTok, which will bring restaurant-quality food to your home.


Who: Robert Reeves, Mick Peterson, Bill Lyons and Jessay Martin (@oldgays, he/him) comprise the Old Gays, TikTok's version of the Golden Girls.

Followers: 10 million+

What you should know: With sweet and funny TikToks loaded with surprises, the four California-based senior citizens behind the Old Gays have drawn in a young fan base on the platform as they spread advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community ... and joy.

Small businesses

Who: Jodyann Morgan (, she/her) the force behind the candle brand CTOAN Co.

Followers: 51,200+

What you should know: Morgan's hand-poured candles take the shape of bodies and are meant to promote self-love. The bodies are deliberately gender neutral, celebrating the human form in all of its forms.


Who: Eunice Straight Head (@N00nice, she/they), an Indigenous content creator, photographer and cosplayer who identifies as Mnicouju Lakota from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation.

Followers: 124,000+

What you should know: Eunice Straight Head uses her platform to spread information about Indigenous art and to encourage users to express themselves by venturing into new creative forms like fashion, cosplay, beading, sewing and more. 

Who: David Yi (, he/they), a Korean American beauty brand founder and author.

Followers: 17,000+

What you should know: David Yi co-founded the gender-inclusive beauty brand Good Light Cosmetics, and wrote the book "Pretty Boys: Legendary Icons Who Redefined Beauty (and How to Glow Up, Too)." He uses his TikTok to highlight non-binary people's contribution to the beauty industry.


Who: Jack and Bec (@jackandbec, she/her), two sisters from San Antonio.

Followers: 287,000+

What you should know: These sisters use their illustrations and designs to elevate and represent overlooked communities. With themes of body positivity, deaf pride, LGBTQIA+ pride, mental health awareness, and social justice, the sisters' creations repaint how we see the world (and make it more beautiful in the process).


Who: Nicholas Scheppard and Jenson Titus (@verygaypaint), muralists based in Los Angeles.

Followers: 227,000+

What you should know: Nicholas Scheppard and Jenson Titus are the comedians-turned-painters behind the muralist company Very Gay Paint. On TikTok, the pair uses comedy skits and mural artwork to entertain and inspire users while letting their unabashedly queer, radiant designs take center stage.