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Exclusive: Here are the creators on TikTok's 2024 Black Visionary Voices list

Last year’s list featured Ice Spice. Here's who's being highlighted this time around.
Photo illustration of tiktok stars, OneStopChop, nyane, and aliyahsinterlude
TikTok's 2024 Black Visionary Voices list features mental health and disability advocates and some tough as nails beauty lovers.Tyler Essary / TODAY Illustration / Getty Images stock / @OneStopChop / @nyane / @aliyahsinterlude via Tiktok
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Historically, Black creators have often been the bellwethers of art and pop culture trends to come. For the Black creator community on TikTok, it's no different.

Last year, TikTok released its first-ever Black Visionary Voices list, which highlighted honorees in three categories: creators, industry disruptors and small business owners. The list included TikTokers identified as "innovators in their fields," and even featured the rapper-singer Ice Spic before she became the four-time Grammy-nominated artist that she is today.

For the second year in a row, TikTok has given an exclusive first look at the honorees on its Black Visionary Voices lineup. To see the full list and more programming that celebrates the Black creator community on TikTok, head to the #BlackTikTok hub on the app.

Here's a preview of the Black Visionary Voices list below.


Name: Taylor Lindsay-Noel

Location: Toronto, Canada

Followers: 112.5K+

What to know: Lindsay-Noel uses her platform to advocate for and spread information about accessibility for people with disabilities and aims to break down stereotypes. The Toronto native provides reviews of accessibility in various restaurants, airplanes, bathrooms and public spaces. Lindsay-Noel does this to inform her followers and show managers and staff that all customers should be able to access and enjoy their establishments.

Lindsay-Noel explained to her followers in a 2022 video how she ended up in a wheelchair and became paralyzed. When she was 14, she was a Canadian national gymnast with her eyes set on the 2012 Olympics. She said she was pressured by a coach to execute a skill during practice that was unfamiliar to her. Ultimately, Lindsay-Noel broke her neck and severed her spinal cord, resulting in her becoming a quadriplegic.

Today, Lindsay-Noel uses that experience to encourage her followers to speak up for themselves and use their voices to advocate for safety, equality, and access for those with physical, behavioral and emotional disabilities.


Name: Aliyah’s Interlude

Location: New York City

Followers: 2.8 million+

What to know: Aliyah Bah, professionally known as Aliyah's Interlude, blew up on the platform by coining her own style as "AliyahCore." Her dominantly pink wardrobe is a mishmash of Harajuku and Y2K fashion. She uses her platform to show users how they can also express themselves through fashion and music. In 2023, she released her single “IT GIRL,” featured across several of her videos that garnered millions of views.


Name: Ms. Hassan

Location: Toronto, Canada

Followers: 111.4K+

What to know: Ms. Hassan will make you wish you had a teacher like her in middle school. The Canadian TikToker, who works as a 6th and 7th grade teacher, uses her platform to inspire educators to connect with students through fashion. She also uses her videos to highlight alternative learning-based classroom activities that encourage her young students to express their opinions and change them based on new knowledge.


Name: Nyane

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Followers: 1.5 million+

What to know: Fans with a love for gaming and beauty will get sucked into Nyane's satisfying TikToks, where she takes the platform's typical "Get Ready With Me" style and puts it through the lens of doing over a "non-player character," or a character in a video game that is not controlled by a user.

Nyane's content will make you feel as if you're dressing up or doing the makeup of a character (Nyane) in a video game who has incredibly colorful clothing and beauty options. Nyane's platform is more than just about luxe looks and high fashion: Her posts are also all about encouraging confidence in her followers no matter their size, skin type or color.


Name: Daven Gates

Location: Stafford, Virginia

Followers: 2.5 million+

What to know: This self-taught home cook from Queens, New York, and army vet is all about encouraging his followers to pursue mental health through cooking. Through “Back to the Basics" style tutorials, Gates works to show his followers that they can feed their minds and hearts with comfort food as well as healthy alternatives, including cauliflower fried rice and vegan sausage pasta.


Name: Dr. Darien Sutton

Location: New York City

Followers: 2 million+

What to know: Dr. Darien is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who earned both a doctor of medicine and master of business administration degree from New York University. Dr. Darien's platform largely works to keep his followers up to date on public health education and highlight healthcare and racial inequalities across the globe. The emergency room physician also works to destigmatize certain diseases and infections.



Location: Los Angeles

Followers: 375.3K+

What to know: LU KALA captivates users on TikTok with her signature orange hair and sultry soundtracks, which often explore her relatable inner conflicts about conventional beauty. In 2023, she released the track “Hotter Now,” which charted in the top 10 for Top 40 airplay in Canada within one week of it being released, according to TikTok.


Name: Coco Jones

Location: Nashville

Followers: 3 million+

What to know: Jones is a singer, songwriter and actor who expresses her love for the arts as well as fashion on her platform. In addition to being nominated for five Grammys — including best new artist and best R&B song — ahead of this year's Feb. 4 ceremony, Jones is also a seasoned actor with titles like "Bel-Air" under her belt.


Name: Kymani Ashanti

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Followers: 930.7K+

Ashanti is a 24-year-old Black business owner who launched her business, The Skincare Bakery, with her boyfriend Logan in 2023. The dessert-themed skincare brand boasts a delectable line of sugary body butters and skincare scents.


Name: Olamide Olowe

Location: New York City

Followers: 79.6K+

What to know: In 2022, Olowe became the first Black woman to raise $10 million in venture funding, according to Forbes, when she sealed a deal with CAVU Consumer Partners for her skincare brand, Topicals. Topicals is currently Sephora's fastest-growing skincare company and has led to more than $100k in donations to various mental health organizations, according to TikTok. On the platform, Olowe has spoken openly about her drive to create an inclusive skincare brand, for which she is the founder and CEO, after having dealt with skin-related issues like acne and hyperpigmentation for years.