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Tiger and wife headed for permanent split

Golfer's wife will make the breakup open and official soon after the Christmas holidays, a source said.
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Pro golfer Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, are headed for an imminent split that will likely be permanent, according to sources who are familiar with the couple’s situation.

Recent photos taken of Elin without her wedding and engagement rings were meant to be a public message that the breakup is coming sooner rather than later.

“She knew what she was doing when she stepped out and pumped gas without her wedding rings,” said one source. “There are plenty of people who would have filled the tank for her so she wouldn’t even have to be photographed. She chose not to go down that road. Moreover, she chose to make it clear those rings were not on her. No hands shoved in pockets, no hiding. Remember, she’s still one half of a couple that has had, up until recently, a most crafted image. She knows what she’s doing.”

She won’t be one half of that couple for long, according to another source.

“She and Tiger are living separately now, but she’ll be making this split very open and official right after Christmas,” said that source.

Another source said that Tiger has a long road ahead if he wants forgiveness. “Elin is not going to be one of these ‘stand by her man’ women,” the source said. “She’s a strong woman, this is beyond embarrassing, and she has a daughter and son she has to think about, who will know about this one day. Tiger’s got a long way to go to make things right, and have the kind of family he was fond of talking about. He’s going to have to play by Elin’s rules now. Forgiveness isn’t exactly around the corner.”

Kate Gosselin is lonelyEven though Kate Gosselin is surrounded by her eight children, she still feels lonely, according to her close friend Jamie Ayers.

“At night, when the kids are in bed, that’s a lonely time for her,” Ayers told Life & Style. “That’s when she calls and we chat. It gets lonely when you’re the only adult.”

Ayers said that Gosselin tries to keep busy, but without the demands of “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” it takes a lot to fill the days and keep busy. “Mostly, she gets up at the crack of dawn, works out and makes breakfast,” Ayers said. “She runs errands while the kids are at school, and she does a lot of baking during the holidays.”

Speaking of the holidays, Jon and Kate are expected to spend Christmas together with the kids.

Justin Timberlake, it’s not about you
If you didn’t tune in to the always-riveting live broadcast of the Golden Globe nominations on Tuesday, then you might not know that Justin Timberlake was among those who announced the names of those films, shows and actors getting a nod. You’re lucky. Timberlake must have missed the memo that unlike the times he’s on stage at one of his concerts, this isn’t about him. While naming those nominated in the music categories he said, “Paul McCartney — you may have heard of him,” and “Bono — you may have heard of him, as well.”

2009 Golden Globe nominees

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2009 Golden Globe nominees

“Up in the Air” leads the pack of film contenders as “30 Rock,” “Mad Men” and more compete for TV honors.

That would have been fine if he left it at that, but with nearly every announcement, Timberlake editorialized. When Emily Blunt’s name came up, Timberlake glanced at Blunt’s fiance, John Krasinski, who also read names of the nominated, and said, “Ho, ho, ho! Somebody’s going to have a good night tonight.”

And before announcing the major motion picture nominees, he made a drumroll sound, and then as if the entire audience were utter music illiterates, announced that he had just done an “impromptu drumroll.”

One person, whose opinion I respect, said that Timberlake’s editorializing was better than just hearing someone read a list of names. Me, I’m all for a list of names in this circumstance. The Golden Globe nominations are not supposed to be entertainment. It’s just information, and for Timberlake to insert himself to the extent that he did makes me feel like he’s been mining from the same creek beds as Kanye West, or worse, setting a precedent for the future.

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