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Three new castaways ready to get ‘Lost’

Elizabeth Mitchell, Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro join the cast
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Remember those episodes of “Gilligan's Island” when Gilligan would run into some stranger while looking for coconuts and it was never really explained how they ended up on the island? Well, ABC's “Lost” is adding three new characters for the show's third season and, just like that other classic show, no one is saying how they got there.

Over the last week it was announced that actors Rodrigo Santoro, Kiele Sanchez and Elizabeth Mitchell would be the show's latest castaways. While “Losties” all over the Internet will be speculating whether these characters are crash survivors, Others or from some unseen part of the island, most people will be wondering just who the heck are these actors? I mean they're not household names... yet! But maybe after their tour of the island, they will be ....

Elizabeth MitchellAccording to trade reports, Elizabeth Mitchell will play a character named Juliet, a possible love interest for Jack (Matthew Fox). Mitchell, who was raised in Texas, has done a lot of TV appearing on such shows as “House,” “Everwood” and “Boston Legal.” Fans of “ER” will recognize her as Dr. Kerry Weaver's lover, Dr. Kim Legaspi. Perhaps her most high profile role to date is as Mrs. Claus opposite Tim Allen's Santa in “The Santa Clause 2.” Mitchell will reprise her role in the upcoming sequel “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,” which hits theaters Nov. 3.

Kiele SanchezThe Chicago born Kiele Sanchez (pronounced KY-LEE) has been cast as Nikki, the love interest of fellow newbie Rodrigo Santoro (more on him below). Sanchez has probably appeared in more short-lived series than anyone else in recent memory. Last season she starred in The WB's “Related,” before that she starred opposite Breckin Meyer in ABC's “Married to the Kelleys” and the drama “That Was Then.” This is a shame because Kiele is a really talented actress and hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things for her. She's also a very attractive woman, which should make her quite popular.

Rodrigo SantoroDon't worry, there's some new guy candy on the island too — Brazilian hunk Rodrigo Santoro. Often compared to Tom Cruise for his smoldering good looks, Santoro is a huge star in his native land, winning numerous awards. Stateside, he has appeared opposite Nicole Kidman in the Chanel commercials directed by Baz Luhrmann and with Demi Moore in “Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle” (remember that surfing scene?!). His best-known role in this country was as the object of Laura Linney's desire in the romantic comedy “Love Actually.” The producers of “Lost” aren't revealing just who Rodrigo will be playing other than he will be romancing Kiele Sanchez. TV Guide is reporting that his character will be competing with Jack and Sawyer for Kate! Some guys have all the luck.

That's the lowdown on the new residents of “Lost's” island. Let's hope they last longer than two of last season's three new castaways, who ended up as Hanso Foundation fodder.