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There's one more shattering 'This Is Us' moment that you probably missed

We're almost all out of tears!
/ Source: TODAY

We all knew Jack's death on "This Is Us" was coming. And we all knew it would wreck us when it arrived on the fateful episode that aired Sunday night following Super Bowl LII.

But what we didn't realize is that close listening to the show would reveal yet another way to break our hearts all over again.

Warning: Spoiler alert ahead.

Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) did manage to survive the house fire and was taken to the hospital. For a few moments, it seemed that everything would be OK, so his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) left the hospital room and ran down the hall to get a snack.

Jack and Rebecca of "This is Us"
THIS IS US -- "Number Two" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as RebeccaRon Batzdorff/NBC

But if you were watching and listening closely as she stood by the vending machine, you might have heard Jack, saying, "Bec?"

Rebecca certainly thought she did, so she quickly turned around. But no one was in the hall with her. A moment later, the doctor revealed that Jack had died of cardiac arrest from smoke inhalation.

If you weren't already sobbing loudly, you certainly were by then.

The momentary "Bec" happened so quickly that many fans missed it the first time around. Not all, though:

It was entirely intentional, as Ventimiglia told Variety.

"The moment at the vending machine where you hear 'Bec,' that was something that was questionable if it was something ethereal or something that was real," he said. "That's something that I think is up for interpretation by the audience."

Jack's reaching out for Rebecca one last time, even if she isn't in the room, is one of the more romantic things we've ever seen and ... oh, pass the tissues again!

Ventimiglia added that series creator Dan Fogelman wanted it to be a farewell.

Ventimiglia continued, "Fogelman was telling me, 'I can't help but think that that last look that you gave Mandy before she walked out the room was maybe Jack knowing and sending his wife out so she didn't have to see it. I think Jack absolutely knew something was wrong.'"

"Maybe Jack was sparing his wife the emotional stress of not being there in a final, violent moment. I imagine that is possibly what Jack could have been thinking, but I’ll never know. It's the way the show gets edited, and I think it's a beautiful reminder to say you love people when they're around."

Jack, we're always going to love you.

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