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Thai Muslims angered by Quran-quoting rap

CDs recalled after complaints that Joey Boy's songs insult their faith
/ Source: The Associated Press

A music distributor recalled two Thai rap CDs from stores Tuesday after Muslims complained the tracks insult their faith.

An article on the Thai-language Muslim Web site said a song recorded on CDs in 1998 and 2005 “clearly insults the Quran,” the Muslim holy book.

It said the CDs contain verses from the Quran and “the Quran strictly forbids the use of its verses in songs.”

The Council of Muslim Organizations of Thailand said rapper Joey Boy and songwriter Kamol Sukosol Clapp, also known as Suki, should not have used the Quranic verses.

The song, “Maya,” was released in 1998 on a Joey Boy CD called “Bangkok Boy” and appeared again on the 2005 compilation “The Conclusive Collection.”

Sony BMG Music Entertainment Thailand has recalled both CDs, and they will probably be destroyed, said Saharat Vanchompoo, the Sony marketing director.

Joey Boy and Clapp apologized at a news conference to “all Muslims” for producing the song.

“I did not intend to insult the Quran in any way,” said Joey Boy, whose real name is Abhisit Opasiemlikit. “If I knew that there was an insulting sound or element in my song, Suki and I would not have created it.”

The rapper, the songwriter, and Sony BMG’s Saharat said they have requested a meeting as soon as possible with Thailand’s top Muslim leader to formally apologize.

In Europe, drawings of the Prophet Muhammad published in a Danish paper have sparked violent protests in the Muslim world.