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Testy tete-à-tete between Clooney, Aniston?

First Fabio, now Jennifer Aniston reportedly is feuding with George Clooney, which begs the question — why is Hollywood hatin’ on George?
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First, there was Fabio-gate, the much-publicized restaurant tiff between George Clooney and the model-turned-baron of butter. Then, Radar magazine this February published a piece called “Why is Hollywood Hating on George Clooney,” which outlines feuds between Clooney and the paparazzi, director David O. Russell, and other industry sources. Now, talk is surrounding about his interactions with his best friend’s ex, Jennifer Aniston.

Although Aniston didn’t have any interaction with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Feb. 23 Night Before party at The Beverly Hills Hotel as many had predicted (and honestly, hoped), Aniston did have a conversation with Clooney. While Clooney’s longtime rep Stan Rosenfeld said that Aniston and Clooney are “great friends,” not everyone saw the exchange that way.

“George attempted to be friendly,” a party attendee told OK! magazine. “But Jen wasn’t having it.” The conversation, according to the onlooker, ended shortly and Aniston, with friend Courteney Cox Arquette in tow, moved to a different area of the party.

So what did Clooney do to start rubbing people the wrong way? Why all the “hating on George Clooney?” as Radar put it? When asked, I was told “he never comments on stuff like that.” Comment or not, I’d like to disclose my personal bias for the guy and ask for a truce.

Lopez brings babies home
Jennifer Lopez, who had confided to some sources that her due date was Feb. 14, didn’t end up giving birth until Feb. 22, and that was definitely a good thing, since some sources say the pricey nursery in her Long Island home wasn’t quite finished yet.

Celebrity Sightings

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Celebrity Sightings

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

“Staffers were putting last minute touches on things all the way through Tuesday (Feb. 19),” said a source familiar with the plans. Among the last-minute tasks: Installing carpeting that had been imported from London and placing furniture that was ordered through Petit Tresor, but imported from England and France. Lastly, the mural in the nursery, hand painted by an artist who flew in from France, according to the source, had yet to dry.

The finishing touch, a banner which reads, “Welcome To The Planet,” in Spanish, natch.

Adnan cashes in on Britney’s name
Although he hasn’t been spending as much time with Britney Spears since her dad, Jamie Spears, was granted conservatorship, Spears pal/hanger on/manager Adnan Ghalib cashed in on Britney Spears’ fame during Oscars week by hitting some of the gifting suites on her behalf.

One of the lounges where he spent a considerable amount of time was the Main Event Red Carpet Lounge. There, he scooped up pet clothing by K9 Duds and Happy Go Lucky Dogs and vintage leather and stone bracelets from Rock Band.

Among the more curious items that made it into the swag bag was Boom Boom shake-and-wear artificial hair product by Ya Ya Beauty. The product is a powder that creates static electricity that basically spreads out what hair you’ve got and lessens the appearance of thinning. He claimed it was for Britney, but as someone in the suite pointed out, “Adnan has a little spot in front” too.

Academy apologizes
The ladies of “The View” spent a significant portion of their Hot Topics segment the morning after the Oscars discussing how moderator Whoopi Goldberg had been left out of a montage of great Oscars hosting moments.

Good news to report on that front: producer Gil Cates spoke to People magazine and said that the exclusion was “an absolute oversight” and is very sorry. We assume the same goes out to other notable host Steve Martin.

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