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Test your pop-culture knowledge with these Lego puzzles

Think you know your movies, songs and other pop culture? Lego has issued a challenge. The company has created 55 Lego-based pop culture riddles for the toy brick’s 55th anniversary. While some of the riddles are tricky, and others just short of mind-boggling, all are solvable with a little creativity. Take a walk down pop culture memory lane.

Here's a tough one: a light blue 2X2 Lego with a tiny pink single Lego atop it and another small green one to its side. The hint on the bottom right reads: “Imagine a movie.”

LEGO / Today
Which movie characters do the different Legos represent? We have a monstrous idea.

In these riddles, the colors are almost always vital to finding the answer. The sizes seem important here considering they’re so clearly different. Give it a bit more thought though and you may come up with Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” Think back to the two main characters. There’s Sulley, a blue monster who's often carrying around a little kid they call "Boo," and Mike, a tiny green monster. Riddle solved.

Another one shows one black Lego with thin, grey lines pointing out from it like rays. “Imagine a song” the clue in the corner reads. Scrutinize the rays and the word “sun” might just pop to mind. Now you have “black,” “sun” and “song” as your clues. It’s not a massive leap to get to Soundgarden’s hit, “Black Hole Sun.”

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Soundgarden fans, this one's for you.

Here's one more. Hey, it's raining Legos! Specifically, it's raining purple Legos. What color rain is that, then? Anyone, anyone? Prince?

LEGO / Today
We only wanted to see you laughing in the Lego puzzle. (HINT.)

The 55 riddles range from movies to children’s stories to books to music, so they suit all sorts of pop culture expertise. Want more? Check them all out at Gizmodo, and if get stumped, scroll down and cheat by reading other people's guesses in the comments section.