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Test Pattern: ‘Reunion’ cut even shorter

Last two promised episodes now won’t air

Reunion’ cut even shorter

Those of you who are sick of news on I apologize in advance, but here's a bulletin. Originally when the show was canceled, Fox planned to show two more episodes in December, then break until late January-early February and show two more, ending the show without ever solving the murder mystery at its heart.

No more. The episode that aired last week, that ended with Craig being elected assemblyman in 1994 and Det. Majorino being intentionally run down in the present day, may be the last-ever "Reunion" episode to see light. A Fox spokesman confirmed to me today that the network now does not plan to run those final two shows, thus ending the show with a literal bang.

I'm even more glad for those of you who sent in your , because it looks like that's all we're going to get. What a frustrating and bizarre world the land of TV cancellations is. Is it just me, or can everyone name at least five shows that were canceled before their time, while truly awful shows just keep on sucking up the airwaves?

If there's ever any word of a "Reunion" DVD, I'll pass it along.

Five-link ... Monday?
Since "The Apprentice" finale interrupted the usual Five-link Friday schedule, I've moved the random linkage to Monday this week.

Pelt the elves, but whatever you do, don't hit Santa! (Thanks to Denise for the link!)

• What's the worst movie ever made? Many would enthusiastically say that dishonor goes to "Plan 9 from Outer Space." And now the über-bad movie has been , formerly of "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

• Hello Kitty has reached her cute little claws into every kind of product. On the spendy side, a . On the weirder side, a (she makes a face if your breath isn't minty fresh).

• The Detroit Free Press offers up Did you know the teacher's voice was really a trombone, muted by a plunger? That explains a lot.

• Speaking of "Peanuts," who didn't want a Snoopy Sno-cone Maker as a kid? A reader who goes by Dimestore Lipstick points out that the Sno-Cone Makers we remember , while her niece's modern Sno-Cone Maker features Snoopy . There's also a . How times have changed...