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Test Pattern: Five-link Friday

Simpsons Monopoly; coolest costume ever; Dan Rather-isms; Shrek Twinkies; Marvel motivational posters. By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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• Nov. 5, 2004 | 6 a.m. PT

Five-link Friday

Halloween's over, but you can still to be made into a game token for the "Treehouse of Horror" edition of "Simpsons" Monopoly. Donut-head Homer! Donut-head Homer! (Via .)

Is there a cooler Halloween costume in the world than ? Makes my black cat outfit look downright lame. (Via .)

"Don't taunt the alligator until you cross the creek." Ah, Dan Ratherisms, who can beat 'em? TV Barn rounds up . From "Let's hit these biscuits with a dab of gravy," to "Kerry has a lead as thin as turnip soup." Do you think Dan was hungry that night?

Shrek Twinkies, with ogre-green filling. I saw these in the gas station, but not in the grocery store. I think that kind of says it all.

You’ve seen those horrible motivational posters, and maybe you’ve also seen , but have you seen the ? (Via .)


Movie classics

I watched Orson Welles' " with a friend who'd studied it in a film class. I have to say, it was an enlightening viewing: He was able to weigh in with all kinds of illuminating comments and guide our eyes to things we might have missed.

When I want to get the ultimate take on a classic film and my friend's not around, I turn to . Tim Dirks' site is a labor of love with many great resources for the film buff, but the best part of his site, in my opinion, is his lists of Top 100 Films.

His include almost scene-by-scene recaps of such classics as "Chinatown," "Citizen Kane," "The Godfather," "Raging Bull," "Star Wars" and others. The recaps include long snippets of dialogue, detailed plot summary, and add to a reader's enjoyment of the movie, pointing out things you may have missed. (I didn't realize that the final scene in "Star Wars" references both "The Wizard of Oz" and Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will.")

The includes "Alien," "The French Connection," "The Deerhunter," "The Exorcist," "Fargo" and more. And now I've just learned that Dirks is adding a . He's still adding to the list, but for now, finished films include "The Birds," "Field of Dreams," "Rocky" and "The Shining." is one of those great resources that should come preloaded in any movie buff's Favorites list. It's useful, entertaining, and educational all in one. I'll be watching as Dirks continues to load the next hundred films. The show must go on.