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Teri Hatcher is no desperate politico

The “Desperate Housewives” star was asked several times to appear on the politically oriented “Real Time with Bill Maher,” but keeps saying no.
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Teri Hatcher is no desperate politico.

The “Desperate Housewives” star was asked several times to appear on the politically oriented “Real Time with Bill Maher,” but, says a source, keeps turning down producers, saying she’s not politically correct.

“She said she’s not in-sync with Bill Maher — or most of Hollywood for that matter,’” an insider says. “We took that to mean that she’s more conservative than most of Hollywood.”

“Yeah, well who declined?” Hatcher, who doesn’t have a publicist, emailed The Scoop. “I don’t have a publicist so I don’t know who told you that. Please stop with the stupid gossip if you want to have any further relationship with me.”  

Regarding Maher, she noted: “As per my political beliefs, I am registered voter, and I would rather watch Bill Mahr [sic] from my bed in my pajamas (as I have told him personally, seeing as its one of my favorite shows) than sit on a panel sweating while trying to be quick witted.”

Seeking Oprah’s aidAlicia Silverstone is circulating a petition to be sent to Oprah Winfrey.

The “Clueless” star is sending the missive to friends and acquaintances, which will be sent to the talk show titan to do a segment on the animals abandoned during Katrina.

“Since millions of people watch and are positively influenced by ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ let’s urge Oprah to dedicate a show to the pet overpopulation crisis, informing her audience of the importance of spaying and neutering,” Silverstone wrote in an email to friends.

But, the Scoop wanted to know, don’t celebs talk to other celebs? Alicia is a celeb, so why doesn’t she just ask Oprah — who is a big lover of animals — to consider doing the show?

Explains a pal of Silverstone: “I think it’s because [Silverstone] thinks she’s always going on about these things herself and maybe she thinks Oprah hearing about it from the general public — instead of her — will make Oprah realize how much people care about this.”

Notes from all overPatrick Dempsey was wracked with insecurity after being out of work for ten years before landing his role in “Grey’s Anatomy.” “I’m ugly, I’m untalented, I’m no good, I’m a has-been. It’s like [bleep], what happened to me? I used to be me,” Dempsey tells the March issue of Details mag. Dempsey even stopped going to the movies because he was upset about not being able to land roles in any films. “I’d come in [to movies] with this bitter attitude. It’s not an escape, because I feel this disappointment, this jealousy.”  . . . Madonna has bought an oxygen machine for each of her homes, claims ContactMusic, which says she used the machines for oxygen facials until she found more uses for them. “You can also take the oxygen machine and inhale if you’re feeling really tired or jet-lagged, which is one of the reasons I have them at home,” she said.  “You just lie down for 10 minutes and put it in your nose. They are really great.”  . . . “Syriana” director Stephen Gaghan is frustrated that some U.S. critics and viewers have found the film — which stars George Clooney — confusing. “You spend 15 hours a day, seven days a week, for four years, and all that people can think to say about your work is ‘Don’t you think it’s too confusing?’ No, I don’t.” Gaghan told, then took a veiled swipe at “Traffic” — which the film has been compared to unfavorably. “I’m sorry Michael Douglas doesn’t save his daughter, that there isn’t a sentimental heartbeat at the core of this, but that’s not what the world dictates right now.”

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