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Tension mounts on ‘Desperate Housewives’

It's getting tense on "Desperate Housewives." Dave's revenge plot seems about to burst into flame, Porter Scavo is planning to leave town with his much-older lover, and Virginia wants revenge on Gaby.
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Hot on Dave's trail: Karen McCluskey's sister, Roberta, dug up Dave's phone records and traced him back to the psychiatrist in Boston who speaks to him monthly. The Internet helpfully informed the sisters that Dave's doc is an expert in treating the criminally insane. They weren't able to get any more info from a bumbling phone call to the doc, but they did alarm him enough that the shrink booked the next ticket to Fairview.

May-December romance: Tom told Lynette that their son, Porter, was having an affair with older woman Anne Schilling, and Lynette predictably flipped. "If you don't end this, we will throw you out," Lynette warned her son. But when Anne told Porter (possibly lying) that she was pregnant, Porter and his former T-ball coach made plans to leave town together.

Rags to riches to rags: Gaby soaked up the luxury life at Virginia's mansion, even making a butler wade into the swimming pool to hand her a margarita refill. But as Virginia got even more stalkery, Gaby started to panic, finally telling the rich matron that the Solis family is "not for sale, so back off." Virginia's obviously done this before, and to get her revenge, she called the country club where Carlos works to turn him in for inappropriately touching her during a massage.

Kitchen nightmares: Bree and Orson did the horizontal mambo on her test-kitchen table, then freaked out when a fired employee stole the surveillance tape. But when Andrew got the tape back, they learned they weren't the writhing couple captured on tape. Instead, it was Katherine, and ... Mike! Bree tried to warn her partner that Susan still harbors feelings for her ex and the friendship between the two women will be ruined if Susan finds out, but Katherine wasn't listening. Susan-Katherine blow-up in one ... two ...

Color my world: Speaking of Susan, she and Jackson have restarted their relationship, and as such, Susan has decided they'll put off intimacy until the fourth date. As they get to know each other all over again, she learns that Jackson may be a house painter, but he's also a fine-art painter, and he's been unable to work for a year. By the end of the episode, Susan's decided she can't wait to jump back into bed with Jackson, but his painting muse has returned, and now he's the one putting her off.

Band on the run: The neighborhood garage band is still going strong, and Creepy Dave has pulled some strings and entered them into a Battle of the Bands contest at a local nightclub. The boys are excited, for the most part, but the preview for next week show's a Great White-like nightclub fire. Looks like Dave's finally lit the match on his plot to get revenge on Mike.

Word up!: Susan's least-favorite word: Panties. "Although some days it's larvae, or chunks," she says. (Jackson's guess? "Phlegm.")

Best line: Katherine, to Bree: "Having sex in the kitchen, where food's prepared? What kind of demented slut would do that?" (Well, Katherine, and, uh, Bree.)