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Teen Mom's Amber on Leaked Naked Pics: "The Person Who Did This Is F--ked!"

She might live her life in front of reality-TV cameras, but Amber Portwood draws the line somewhere.
/ Source: E!online

She might live her life in front of reality-TV cameras, but Amber Portwood draws the line somewhere.

Namely, naked pictures.

The Teen Mom star exclusively tells E! News that she did not hawk those au naturel photos of herself that have been making the rounds online today, nor did she take the pictures for anyone in the first place.

So what did she tell us?

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"I've never given anything to anybody. I wouldn't do that. I know 100 percent who did it, and I'm going to go after them full force," Portwood insists.

When asked if she thought her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, may have leaked the photos, which first surfaced on Radar Online (and, by the way, reveal a massive tattoo on her right torso), Amber adamantly denies he had anything to do with it.

"No, no, Gary didn't do it. He wasn't around me because of the no contact order when I took those pictures, but there were a bunch of people who were and I'm sure I know who it was," says the 20-year-old. (She has been patching things up with Shirley of late, despite the domestic violence case in which she's accused of beating him up.)

Portwood adds that she took the pics herself using her cell phone and her own bedroom mirror, contrary to Radar's claim that a friend snapped them.

"Radar Online totally lied," she notes. "That is my room, that is my bed, my can tell that's my room and when the show [Teen Mom 3] comes out, everyone will see that it's my room." (MTV has yet to comment on the matter.)

But she doesn't want to reveal the identity of the person she thinks hacked into her phone and leaked the pics, because she "wants to surprise them."

"Those pics were taken for personal reasons," Portwood says. "I didn't send them to anyone. I didn't take them for sexual reasons. This is embarrassing enough. It's just weird. The person who did this is f---ed."

We can't wait to see how this turns out.

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