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'Teen Mom' Leah gets more bad news about baby Ali

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Ali tries on splints for the first time at a physical therapy session on "Teen Mom 2."

Like ancient Greek drama, we can always count on "Teen Mom 2" for its tragic irony.

After making headlines this week for two arrests relating to her former roommate, Jenelle Evans' storyline on last night's episode was all about -- you guessed it -- roommates!

Plus, Chelsea lands a dream job, Kailyn is stifling Jo's music career and Leah gets more bad news about baby Ali....

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Chelsea is living the "Teen Mom" dream -- she landed a job at -- wait for it! -- a tanning salon. Baby daddy Adam may not be around much, but Chelsea can count on "Year Round Brown" for a steady paycheck, an unnatural skin tone and all the other benefits derived from overexposure to UV radiation.

Kailyn may be the only "Teen Mom 2" star going to college, but she still struggles with Communications 101. To wit: Baby daddy Jo's family learning she was dating around via her Facebook status update; stealing her mom's TV in a super-stealth move-out; and filing for child support without talking to Jo about it first.

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Even though he needs the money for his "music career" (!!!—we'll get to that momentarily!), Jo's proven he is a responsible father. Their courthouse battle over child support will make for excellent reality drama, but we'd rather see Jo aka N.I.C.K. B debut his rap talents.

Enough with the mixed messages! First we have Corey contrasting a camouflage cap with a neon T-shirt, then Leah's geneticist is trying to scare all our happy away. Just last week we were celebrating baby Ali's "normal" test results and first time standing; tonight Leah was told her young daughter might actually suffer from skeletal dysplasia -- or dwarfism. Whatever her condition turns out to be (and recent pictures show a very stark contrast between Ali and her twin sister's development), we know their coal-mining fairy tale does not come true.

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Back at home with her mom and son, Jenelle is "about to flip the (bleep) out" because she's gone almost a day without smoking pot, blaming mom Barbara for not sympathizing with her stressful life. For once, Barbara's response is calm. Or maybe she's just exhausted. "I did not choose to have a baby at 57," said Jace's grandma and legal guardian. "You chose to have a baby and you put all the responsibility on me."

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The best thing for it, Jenelle decides, is to move in with friends Tori and Tyler (at least they're not Hannah and James) and reunite with hoodied hoodlum Kieffer. While packing her room, Tori asked Jenelle how she felt about leaving "so many memories." Why didn't they stage this scene when Jenelle moved out of her car and left behind those Ed Hardy seatcovers?

Are you surprised about the latest health crisis for baby Ali? And do you think Jenelle will ever get her act together? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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