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'Teen Mom' Jenelle not going to jail for fight caught on tape

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Jenelle Evans won't be going to jail for her public fight with another young woman -- if she can stay out of trouble.

Back in March, gossip site TMZ got its hands on a video showing "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans engaged in a vicious fight with another young woman. She was later arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for fighting in public.

The young mom was in court Friday morning where she was found guilty, but she escaped a jail sentence, TMZ reports. Well, sort of. Evans got a suspended sentence of 30 days, which means that she stays out of jail unless she violates probation within the next 12 months. She'll also have to pay a small fine of $100, attend anger management classes and do 24 hours of community service, according to TMZ.

After her court appearance, Evans tweeted, "F--- yes. !!!!! I WINNNNNNN ;)" Then an hour later, "I'm done with court now :) that was my last charge."

She wasn't the only one celebrating. Her lawyer, Dustin R.T. Sullivan told our pals at Us Weekly that he was also pleased with the judge's ruling. ""Up to this point, the general media portrayed Jenelle as the extreme attacker and Britany Truett as the poor victim in this case," he told Us Weekly. "But today Truett was found guilty of simple affray also."

Evans first appeared on the season two premiere of MTV's hit docuseries "16 and Pregnant," and later became one of four young mothers featured on the spin-off "Teen Mom 2."


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