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'Teen Mom' Jenelle gets proposed to -- and dumped

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Jenelle Evans denies her former friend's claim that she uses LSD.

He’s baaaaack!

Kieffer Delp, the jail-prone, troublemaking ex-boyfriend of “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans, has resurfaced — inside her house! And it didn't make her boyfriend very happy. 

Although it seemed that she had finally found true love with a Marine named Gary Head, things took a turn for the worse when Head discovered that Evans was not only talking to her ex again, but had paid for him to come to North Carolina to spend a weekend with her.

Evans and Delp had their share of drama during their on-and-off relationship, much of which was put on display over the past two seasons of “Teen Mom 2.” Their troubles included a breaking-and-entering arrest, charges of physical violence and constant relationship turmoil. No wonder Head wasn't happy to learn his girl was hanging out with Delp again.

In a series of Twitter rants this week, Head claimed that he dumped the “Teen Mom 2” star after discovering her rendezvous with Delp, telling fans, “If Jenelle really cared about me she would have never paid for his bus ticket, [picked] him up and [shacked] up with him all weekend.”

Even more surprising, Head revealed on Twitter Monday that right before he discovered Evans’ alleged tryst with Delp, he had actually proposed to her, and she had accepted

As proof, Head tweeted a photo of the $1,300 diamond ring he had given to Evans, later telling his followers, “Glad I can get my money back for this!”

Evans has denied that she was back with Delp and has since deleted her Twitter account. However, while she was doing a video chat session with fans on Monday, Delp was seen running out of her room in order to not be seen.

The fourth season of “Teen Mom 2” is currently being filmed, so there’s a chance that fans of the show will get to see at least some of this drama played out on their television screens later this year.

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