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'Teen Mom' Evans not to blame for latest brush with the law

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Jenelle Evans

It's hard enough being a troubled teenager, but imagine being "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans, whose every legal trauma makes headlines.

Sure, the 19-year-old has provided plenty of stories of late, including testing positive for drugs and then risking a parole violation after she was caught hanging around with her "known drug user" boyfriend.

Fortunately for Evans, according to TMZ, it turns out that her latest legal encounter is the result of a mistake -- and not hers. She was picked up recently for driving with a suspended license, but the charge has now been dismissed.

Her lawyer told TMZ that the license was automatically suspended in July for failure to pay a speeding ticket. Thing is, the ticket was already paid, just not registered in the system. The charges were dropped on Monday after details were clarified in court, and Jenelle even has her license back.

All's well that ends ... well, at least until next time.

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