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'Teen Mom' cast to go 'out with a bang' in final season

Louis A Raynor / MTV / Today
The cast of MTV's "Teen Mom" -- from left, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and the now-incarcerated Amber Portwood -- expect to deliver some memorable moments in the final season of the show.

The fourth and last season of the original "Teen Mom" premieres in just a little less than two weeks (June 12 to be exact), and we can hardly wait!

Luckily, E! News was able to catch up with Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham to dish on what we can expect from the new episodes, and it looks like we will not be disappointed.

Catelynn told us it is one of the best seasons yet and that the girls are "going out with a bang."

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She added that during the fourth season, "you finally see us as adults." Also, their kids are talking and no longer babies, and we'll get to see the original "Teen Moms" taking off to go into the real world.

As you have probably put together, Amber Portwood was absent from this interview due to her recent troubles with the law, but she was definitely on the minds of her castmates.

"I just wish her the best," Catelynn told us. "People just need to support her and stop bashing her all the time. ... People are very mean to her, and I think it's very wrong."

Maci added, "We want nothing but the best for Amber. We just want her happy."

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But are the gals upset with Amber for drumming up a fair amount of bad press for the show?

"No," said Catelynn, "because guess what? A lot of teens end up like her. It's a fact of life."

"People look at it so negatively but our show has opened so many eyes" Maci explained. "We all have such a different story, and everybody relates to us."

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As for the future of these young mamas, all three told us that they'd be willing to do a spinoff show, so it might not be long before we see them gracing our small screens again.

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