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'Teen Mom' Amber charged with felonies

Season two of the MTV hit "Teen Mom" showed Amber Portwood repeatedly punch and kick then-fiance Gary Shirley.

Police in Anderson, Ind., have officially charged "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood with two felonies and one misdemeanor for domestic battery.

During a September episode of season two of the MTV hit show, Portwood was seen repeatedly slapping, punching and kicking her then-fiance, Gary Shirley. Police said that Portwood is facing felony charges because Portwood and Shirley's young daughter, Leah, was present when the alleged violence occurred.

Portwood faces fines of up to $10,000 and three years in jail if she's convicted.

Though Leah is currently living with her dad, Shirley, and Portwood is facing some major legal trouble, a source close to the 20-year-old mom told Life & Style, "Amber's not in any rush to get Leah back. ... She has all this fame, she has all this attention. That's what she wants. She wants to party. She's not a very good mother right now."


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